17:19 WikiStart edited by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnTHuShZnrliEUaMKs3fXVzisibFmUZjyo
17:18 WikiStart edited by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnTHuShZnrliEUaMKs3fXVzisibFmUZjyo
14:14 Changeset [13577] by ehuelsmann
Add D-M-C design notes.
14:07 Changeset [13576] by mevenson
Correct misspelling.
14:02 Changeset [13575] by mevenson
Update ABCL-ASDF contrib to 0.4.1. Document functions a bit better. …
11:39 Changeset [13574] by mevenson
New cycle of CHANGES for abcl-0.28.0.
11:32 Changeset [13573] by mevenson
Update the Maven artifact descriptions produced as output.
11:31 Changeset [13572] by mevenson
Correct Maven artifact descriptions to 0.27.1-dev.


16:29 Changeset [13571] by mevenson
Backport r13570: Fix typo in abcl-asdf.
16:22 Changeset [13570] by mevenson
Fix typo in abcl-asdf.
13:34 Changeset [13569] by ehuelsmann
Signal an error if unambiguous sorting of methods within a method …
09:59 Changeset [13568] by ehuelsmann
Remove unused GF argument from MOP::PROCESS-NEXT-METHOD-LIST to …
06:23 Changeset [13567] by mevenson
Full build results from x64-pc-solaris-5.11.oi148. Build metrics …


22:57 Changeset [13566] by ehuelsmann
More D-M-C tests and fixes.
19:18 Changeset [13565] by ehuelsmann
Remove releases older than 1 year.
18:26 Changeset [13564] by mevenson
Note SBCL build-host.
18:24 WikiStart edited by mevenson
18:17 Changeset [13563] by mevenson
Redraft abcl-0.27.0 release notes.
17:37 Changeset [13562] by ehuelsmann
Publish 0.27.0, updating site and adding release notes.
14:30 Changeset [13561] by ehuelsmann
Update branch version number.
14:29 Changeset [13560] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.27.0.
09:36 Changeset [13559] by ehuelsmann
Increase trunk version number.
09:32 Changeset [13558] by ehuelsmann
Create 0.27 release branch.
09:21 Changeset [13557] by mevenson
Note MVN ability in CHANGES.
08:10 Changeset [13556] by mevenson
README for using the ASDF definitions to define JVM artifacts.


21:58 Changeset [13555] by ehuelsmann
Further check the sources for calls to %class-slots, changing to …
08:33 Changeset [13554] by ehuelsmann
Fix DESCRIBE for instances of classes with a custom META-CLASS. Found …


12:07 Changeset [13553] by mevenson
Final metrics for initial run for every tenth commit


15:48 Changeset [13552] by mevenson
Update gnuplot from new data. Be a little bit more verbose in our output.
15:42 Changeset [13551] by mevenson
Additional results from the build-metrics run for jar-size and compile …
15:41 Changeset [13550] by mevenson
Maven dependencies loaded via ASDF defintions. If a Maven3 …
14:03 Changeset [13549] by mevenson
Builds successive versions from a Mercurial repository.
13:58 Changeset [13548] by mevenson
Tools for processing the progressive build size and times of abcl.jar.


14:03 Changeset [13547] by mevenson
Noted CHANGES for contrib since abcl-0.26.2.
05:35 Ticket #167 (series fails to compile) created by mevenson
The version of Series packaged by Quicklisp #<SYSTEM series / …


20:36 Changeset [13546] by ehuelsmann
More CHANGES updates.
20:11 Changeset [13545] by ehuelsmann
Update CHANGES with development so far.
08:39 Changeset [13544] by mevenson
Spellchecking and proofreading.
08:25 Changeset [13543] by mevenson
Number the FAQ questions and answers via CSS.
07:46 Changeset [13542] by mevenson
Include instructions for what to do about PermGen? memory errors. Note …


23:23 Changeset [13541] by mevenson
Convert docstrings and primitives to standard conventions.
23:23 Changeset [13540] by mevenson
Pass wrapped error message to IllegalMonitorException?.


21:48 Ticket #166 (Stream wrapping streams conflict with pretty printer) created by ehuelsmann
The stream wrapping streams * BroadcastStream? * CaseFrobStream? * …
10:43 Ticket #124 (Failure to be an SBCL build host) closed by mevenson
fixed: The problem with x64-solaris-5.11.oi148 lies somewhere in the …
09:31 Ticket #165 (pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive) closed by mevenson
fixed: Fixed in r13538, whose commit message incorrectly states that it is …
09:24 Changeset [13539] by mevenson
Make compiler-tests.lisp safe for non-ABCL implementations again.
09:24 Changeset [13538] by mevenson
(partially) address ticket #165. sbcl-buildhost gets much further, …


15:09 Ticket #165 (pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive) created by mevenson
Derived from the problems getting SBCL to compile, the following test …[…]
08:49 Changeset [13537] by ehuelsmann
Follow up to r13527 fixes TAGBODY.3 and TAGBODY.4 regressions.


21:34 Changeset [13536] by ehuelsmann
Move more static field initialization to the static class initializer …
20:35 Changeset [13535] by ehuelsmann
Moving huge object serialization from <init>() to <clinit>() broke the …
20:31 Changeset [13534] by ehuelsmann
Follow-up to r13531: The first resource file is _0, not _1.
12:48 Changeset [13533] by ehuelsmann
Remove two unnecessary EVAL-WHEN forms.
10:43 Changeset [13532] by mevenson
Fix compiler for compile-time toplevel defstruct with print-object. …


20:07 Milestone 0.26 completed
14:48 Changeset [13531] by mevenson
Optimize the compilation of files with a large number of compilands. …
09:54 Ticket #164 (Cannot quit SLIME REPL) closed by mevenson
fixed: Addressed in r13530 so that the SLIME patch isn't necessary. …
09:52 Changeset [13530] by mevenson
All LispThread? objects can act on a ProcessingTerminated? exception. …
08:37 Ticket #164 (Cannot quit SLIME REPL) created by mevenson
One cannot direct SLIME repl to quit as the EXT:QUIT and EXT:EXIT …


20:12 Changeset [13529] by ehuelsmann
20:03 Changeset [13528] by ehuelsmann
Fix MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG1.10 the right way.
18:58 Changeset [13527] by ehuelsmann
Improved readability.
18:46 Changeset [13526] by ehuelsmann
Factor out a function.
14:06 Changeset [13525] by ehuelsmann
Fix #163: Local functions should shadow global macro and function bindings.
14:06 Ticket #163 (Local function bindings should shadow global environment) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13525]) Fix #163: Local functions should shadow global macro and …
13:36 Ticket #163 (Local function bindings should shadow global environment) created by ehuelsmann
FLET and LABELS bound functions should shadow compiler macros, macros …
12:58 Changeset [13524] by ehuelsmann
Reindenting to save left margin.
12:54 Changeset [13523] by ehuelsmann
Re #163: Don't macroexpand anything in compiler pass 2; we're …
09:10 Changeset [13522] by ehuelsmann
Change COND indenting to save left margin.


22:18 Changeset [13521] by ehuelsmann
Revert r13509 because it breaks cl-ppcre compilation and the ANSI tests.
22:01 Changeset [13520] by ehuelsmann
Fix MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG1.10 -- compiled mode.
21:55 Changeset [13519] by ehuelsmann
Generate <clinit>() functions for the initialization of static …
21:53 Changeset [13518] by ehuelsmann
Replace the use of the (non-concurrent) Hashtable with the …
12:55 Ticket #162 (Compilation of incorrect SETQ form leads to broken class file) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13517]) Fix #162: Non-symbol in variable position of SETQ form …
12:55 Changeset [13517] by ehuelsmann
Fix #162: Non-symbol in variable position of SETQ form causes class …
10:03 Ticket #161 (Port NAMED-READTABLES) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13516]) Fix #161: READTABLE-CASE setting of *readtable* affects …
10:03 Changeset [13516] by ehuelsmann
Fix #161: READTABLE-CASE setting of *readtable* affects FASL content. …
06:56 Ticket #162 (Compilation of incorrect SETQ form leads to broken class file) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkxtl_f2Gf6FJ5pQaKgtsFar1pqLYoTlKI
Compilation of this file --------- (setq (readtable-case *readtable*) …


21:47 Changeset [13515] by ehuelsmann
Extend overly long serialization strings storage mechanism to normal …
20:43 Changeset [13514] by ehuelsmann
Fix #116 (fail to load cl-unicode) by saving serialized resources with …
20:43 Ticket #116 (Installing cl-unicode via quicklisp fails) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13514]) Fix #116 (fail to load cl-unicode) by saving serialized …
19:52 Changeset [13513] by ehuelsmann
Remove meaningless 'final' classification on a method and an unused …
15:43 Changeset [13512] by ehuelsmann
Re #116: Implement some infrastructure to load from other sources than …
15:42 Changeset [13511] by ehuelsmann
Re #116: while working to fix the issue, at least tell the user we're …


18:11 WikiStart edited by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=aitoawnthushznrlieuamks3fxvzisibfmuzjyo
13:45 Changeset [13510] by ehuelsmann
Assign fields the value of the arguments, instead of the values of the …
12:16 Changeset [13509] by mevenson
Provide a more useful implementation of LispObject.toString(). Since …
09:55 Ticket #148 (READTABLE-CASE :invert does not invert uninterned symbols) closed by mevenson
fixed: Fixed in r13508. Opening #161 to track porting named-readtables.
09:54 Ticket #161 (Port NAMED-READTABLES) created by mevenson
As noted first in #148, newer versions of …
09:49 Changeset [13508] by mevenson
Fix #148: READTABLE-CASE :invert doesn't work for symbols. A slightly …
08:43 Changeset [13507] by mevenson
Re-enable a default implementation for printing a LispObject. …


22:03 Changeset [13506] by ehuelsmann
Merge CHANGES back to trunk from 0.26.x.
21:51 Changeset [13505] by ehuelsmann
Update release date for 0.26.2 in CHANGES.
21:51 Changeset [13504] by ehuelsmann
Update release date for 0.26.2 in CHANGES.
21:33 Changeset [13503] by ehuelsmann
Update front page to point to 0.26.2
21:32 Changeset [13502] by ehuelsmann
Add 0.26.2 release signatures.
21:21 Changeset [13501] by ehuelsmann
Publish 0.26.2 release. Sigs coming up.
20:58 Changeset [13500] by ehuelsmann
Update branch version number.
20:57 Changeset [13499] by ehuelsmann
Tag 0.26.2.
20:53 Changeset [13498] by ehuelsmann
Start breaking up the beast function that COMPILE-FILE used to be.
19:55 Changeset [13497] by ehuelsmann
More code shuffling.
17:17 Changeset [13496] by ehuelsmann
Move code around to benefit from performance advantages with backward …
15:09 Changeset [13495] by ehuelsmann
Uncomment file-compilation of IMPORT forms.
13:19 Changeset [13494] by ehuelsmann
Only evaluate atoms in the input stream once.
11:27 Changeset [13493] by ehuelsmann
More refactoring.
10:24 Changeset [13492] by ehuelsmann
Reindenting and removal of code which was commented out for years now.
10:18 Changeset [13491] by ehuelsmann
Start cutting up the huge CASE statement that makes up our file …


21:54 Changeset [13490] by ehuelsmann
More code duplication removal.
21:08 Changeset [13489] by ehuelsmann
Code duplication refactoring.
20:26 Changeset [13488] by ehuelsmann
Eliminate the need for functions defined using LABELS to be stored in …
14:25 Changeset [13487] by ehuelsmann
Store instances of local functions in their parent compiland.
10:30 Changeset [13486] by ehuelsmann
Assign all local functions a field in the immediate parent; also make …
09:13 Changeset [13485] by ehuelsmann
Remove two structure slots which are read only once, in favor of …
08:29 Changeset [13484] by ehuelsmann
Store local functions in the parent compiland, since you can't reach …
06:46 Changeset [13483] by mevenson
FAQ improvements. Explain how to avoid recompilation. Remove claim …
05:48 Changeset [13482] by mevenson
Adjust r13452 to absence of princToString() in abcl-0.26.x.
05:43 Changeset [13481] by mevenson
Update CHANGES to reflect backports.
05:38 Changeset [13480] by mevenson
Backport r13428: Enable compilation with Java 7.
05:36 Changeset [13479] by mevenson
Backport r13439: Fix #131: Don't include ':' in the version string.
05:35 Changeset [13478] by mevenson
Backport r13450: Fix #141 (SETF of APPLY not working with arbitrary …
05:34 Changeset [13477] by mevenson
Backport r13452: Include filename in the error string being reported.
05:32 Changeset [13476] by mevenson
Backport r13458: Include the test source in the release.
05:31 Changeset [13475] by mevenson
Backport r13456: Include ASDF definition in source release.
05:08 Changeset [13474] by mevenson
Backport r13460: Fix loading from fasls under Windows with whitespace …


22:31 Changeset [13473] by ehuelsmann
Finally clean up the mess that made up p1-flet and p1-labels, at the …
20:39 Changeset [13472] by ehuelsmann
Miscelaneous improvements, mostly by moving code around.
20:07 Changeset [13471] by ehuelsmann
LOCAL-FUNCTION has a 'compiland' field now, no CLASS-FILE anymore.
19:43 Changeset [13470] by ehuelsmann
Explicitly record the children of a compiland for later use, instead …
19:12 Changeset [13469] by ehuelsmann
Remove duplicate information and the need to keep it up to date.
18:53 Changeset [13468] by ehuelsmann
Move variable-updating form to ditch PROGN form (and locally untabify).
12:27 Changeset [13467] by ehuelsmann
Repair incorrect last minute (uncompiled) change.
12:08 Changeset [13466] by ehuelsmann
Reduce load time of nested functions and the number of class loader …
12:00 Changeset [13465] by ehuelsmann
Delete commented out code which isn't returning any time soon.


19:44 Changeset [13464] by ehuelsmann
On second thought: revert r13463, it's not about value assignment, but …
17:05 Changeset [13463] by ehuelsmann
Code generation efficiency: when the closure array is only read from: …
17:04 Changeset [13462] by ehuelsmann
Prepare for more debugging support. (Unbreaks last commit.)
17:01 Changeset [13461] by ehuelsmann
Print expected minimum and maximum argument list lengths in …
15:44 Changeset [13460] by mevenson
Fix loading from fasls under Windows with whitespace in pathname. A …
15:44 Changeset [13459] by mevenson
TRANSLATE-PATHNAME.5 is no longer failing.
15:21 Changeset [13458] by mevenson
Include the test source in the release.
15:21 Changeset [13457] by mevenson
Fix JAR-PATHNAME tests. Remove the wrong-headed use of TRUENAME at …
14:07 Changeset [13456] by mevenson
Include ASDF definition in source release.
09:45 Changeset [13455] by mevenson
Document running ABCL in the manual.
09:45 Changeset [13454] by mevenson
Tweak appearance and contents of help message.
07:30 Changeset [13453] by ehuelsmann
Remove code duplication: operators know how to print themselves …


20:54 Changeset [13452] by ehuelsmann
Include filename in the error string being reported. Found by: Blake …


22:11 Changeset [13451] by ehuelsmann
Use pre-compiled closures to populate the reader/writer accessors for …
20:18 Ticket #141 (Fix the SETF expander to work with APPLY for arbitrary function) closed by ehuelsmann
fixed: (In [13450]) Fix #141 (SETF of APPLY not working with arbitrary …
20:17 Changeset [13450] by ehuelsmann
Fix #141 (SETF of APPLY not working with arbitrary function) by …
14:20 Changeset [13449] by ehuelsmann
Dead code removal.
14:14 Changeset [13448] by ehuelsmann
Add more documentation.
12:51 Changeset [13447] by ehuelsmann
Add documentation.
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