source: branches @ 14207

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
variable-less-labels 12140   12 years ehuelsmann Create a branch to try to eliminate variables used for LABELS compilation.
save-image 11702   13 years astalla Added BRANCH-README, deleted dist directory that was incorrectly added
less-reflection 12706   12 years astalla Split potentially huge CASE in the fasl-loader in multiple smaller …
invokedynamic 12993   11 years astalla [invokedynamic] Stack map table written to class (sample); errors.
generic-class-file 12907   11 years ehuelsmann Remove WITH-TEMP-CLASS-FILE: it's been long unused. Integrate …
fewer-executes 11935   13 years vvoutilainen Patches to make the branch build. It doesn't run yet, there's a Thread …
1.0.x 13772   10 years Mark Evenson backport r13768 to fix #193 for the abcl-1.0.2 release.
0.27.x 13578   10 years Mark Evenson Refresh README. Update Maven dependencies to explicit 0.27.1 version.
0.26.x 13505   10 years ehuelsmann Update release date for 0.26.2 in CHANGES.
0.25.x 13240   11 years ehuelsmann With 0.25.0 tagged, increase release branch version number.
0.24.x 13175   11 years ehuelsmann Increase branch version number.
0.23.x 13076   11 years ehuelsmann With 0.23.1 tagged, increase version number on 0.23.x development line.
0.22.x 12914   11 years ehuelsmann Create 0.22 maintenance branch.
0.21.x 12823   12 years ehuelsmann Bump branch version to 0.21.1-dev, now that 0.21.0 has been tagged.
0.20.x 12751   12 years Mark Evenson Backport r12750: Include "examples/" in source release.
0.19.x 12566   12 years ehuelsmann With 0.19.1 tagged, advance the version number in the branch.
0.18.x 12386   12 years ehuelsmann Update development (branch) version.
0.17.x 12268   12 years ehuelsmann Backport build.xml fix.
0.16.x 12200   12 years ehuelsmann Update version number on 0.16 branch.
0.15.x 12000   13 years ehuelsmann Backport r11992, 11993 and 11999: Cells support in MOP package.
0.14.x 11743   13 years ehuelsmann Bump version number.
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