ABCL - Release notes for version 0.26

Most notable changes in ABCL 0.26

Release notes for older releases.

Support for weak references and hash tables
In order to provide support for TRIVIAL-GARBAGE, we've implemented support for weak lisp references and weak hash tables.
Support for custom slot definition
AMOP defines an interface to allow custom slot definitions. Support for this interface has been added.
Support for creating and loading ASDF systems into/from JARs
The ASDF-JAR:PACKAGE function supports packaging of ASDF systems into JARs while a simple REQUIRE will load it from there - once the directory holding the jar has been added to ASDFs search path.
Maven integration for ASDF
ABCL implements a custom ASDF extension which allows loading Java libraries from Maven repositories for better integration with the Java world.
Reduced number of ANSI test failures
On my machine, ABCL now fails only 16 ANSI tests in interpreted mode, while failing as few as 19 in compiled mode. That's a reduction of 10 since 0.25.

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