source: trunk/abcl/contrib/abcl-asdf/packages.lisp @ 13804

Last change on this file since 13804 was 13804, checked in by Mark Evenson, 11 years ago

Fix for maven-3.0.4.

Part of the process of cleaning up ABCL-ASDF to work with more Maven

Seems to be failing for OS X Maven 3.0.4, so need to do a round of testing.

Add system definition of ABCL-ASDF-TEST which becomes the behavior for
invoking ASDF:TEST-SYSTEM on ABCL-ASDF. Really update to version

Correct misspellings.

TODO: figure out a list of repos to iteratively search.

TODO: overload the system defintion version mechanism to allow
non-integer values, or just use the IRI class?

TODO: be more verbose on searching/downloading Maven artifacts as it
can be quite slow for large amounts of artifacts.

File size: 364 bytes
1(defpackage #:abcl-asdf
2  (:use :cl)
3  (:export 
4;;; Public API
5   #:resolve-dependencies
7;;; "Internal" API
8   #:satisfy
9   #:as-classpath
11   #:resolve-artifact
13   #:add-directory-jars-to-class-path
14   #:need-to-add-directory-jar?
16   #:*added-to-classpath*
17   #:*inhibit-add-to-classpath*))
19(defpackage #:abcl-asdf-test
20  (:use :cl :rt)
21  (:export #:run))
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