source: trunk/abcl/contrib/abcl-asdf/tests/test.lisp @ 14504

Last change on this file since 14504 was 14504, checked in by Mark Evenson, 8 years ago

Promote ABCL-ASDF:ENSURE-MVN-VERSION as primary API that Maven can be executed.

Returns the found (MAJOR MINOR PATCH) as the second value.

Adding support for test framework (use :RT).

File size: 174 bytes
[14197]1(in-package :abcl-asdf-test)
3(defun run (&rest args)
[14504]4  (abcl-rt:do-tests))
[14504]6(rt:deftest ABCL-ASDF.MAVEN.1 
7    (multiple-value-list (ensure-mvn-version))
8  (t (3 0 4)))
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