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Port of ASDF-INSTALL under 'contrib/asdf-install'.

'abcl.contrib' will package ASDF-INSTALL in dist/abcl-contrib.jar.

We only have one contrib 'asdf-install'. It is not expected to work
well under Windows at the moment.

To use ASDF-INSTALL, use the following in your ~/.abclrc:

(require 'asdf)
(pushnew "jar:file:${dist.dir}/abcl-contrib.jar!/asdf-install/" asdf:*central-registry*)

Then issuing

CL-USER> (require 'asdf-install)

will load ASDF-INSTALL.

A file ~/.asdf-install can contain customizations to help ASDF-INSTALL
find the programs 'tar' and 'gpg'. 'tar' is searched for in
asdf-install:*shell-search-paths*. The location of 'gpg' can be
customized by setting *gpg-command* to a string containing the file.
This behavior should be rationalized in the future.

ASDF-INSTALL tested under OSX.

File size: 572 bytes
4include ../
6asdf-install-install: asdf-install
7  if test -f $(BUILD_ROOT)$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/sbcl-asdf-install ; then \
8    mv $(BUILD_ROOT)$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/sbcl-asdf-install $(BUILD_ROOT)$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/sbcl-asdf-install.old ; \
9  fi
10# KLUDGE: mv rather than cp because keeping asdf-install in that
11# directory interferes with REQUIRE, and this is done before the tar
12# in ../  Better solutions welcome.
13  mv asdf-install $(BUILD_ROOT)$(INSTALL_ROOT)/bin/sbcl-asdf-install
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