source: trunk/abcl/contrib/jss/javaparser-tests.asd @ 15065

Last change on this file since 15065 was 15065, checked in by Mark Evenson, 6 years ago

Refactor JAVAPARSER dependencies out of JSS

JAVAPARSER needs ABCL-ASDF to load its Maven artifact, but ABCL-ASDF
needs JSS. Therefore we refactor these dependencies into the ASDF
infrastructure rather than dealing with CL:REQUIRE, which isn't going
to work anyways unless there is another mechanism to load Maven

The JAVAPARSER system is not working due to dependency on the missing
symbols CL-USER::REPLACE-ALL and CL-USER::TREE-REPLACE, but that was
the case before this patch as Alan mistakenly didn't include it in his
submitted patch series.

File size: 357 bytes
1(defsystem javaparser-tests
2  :defsystem-depends-on (prove-asdf)
3  :depends-on (javaparser
4               prove)
5  :components ((:module tests
6                        :pathname "t"
7                        :components ((:test-file "javaparser"))))
8  :perform (asdf:test-op (op c)
9                         (uiop:symbol-call :prove-asdf 'run-test-system c)))
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