source: trunk/abcl/contrib/mvn/jna.asd @ 14170

Last change on this file since 14170 was 14170, checked in by Mark Evenson, 9 years ago

Fix the broken require contracts in ABCL-CONTRIB.

CL:REQUIRE now calls PROVIDE with module names when successful (as
opposed to relying in the loaded code to do this explicity).

File size: 328 bytes
1;;;; -*- Mode: LISP -*-
3;;;; Need to have jna.jar present for CFFI to have a chance of working.
4;;; XXX jna-3.4.0 seems much more capable, but doesn't have a resolvable pom.xml from Maven central
5(asdf:defsystem :jna
6    :version "3.0.9"
7    :defsystem-depends-on (abcl-asdf)
8    :components ((:mvn "com.sun.jna/jna/3.0.9")))
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