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Last change on this file since 11556 was 11556, checked in by Mark Evenson, 14 years ago

Fix the Lisp based build system to include with the new Java classes in src/org/armedbear/util.

Fix 'abcl.asd' to work with the ASDF distributed with SBCL/CLISP by
removing obsoleted ':documentation' keywords. ABCL's version of
'asdf.lisp' is really old, so should be replaced.

Add the location of src/org/armedbear/util classes to the auxillary
jar scripts.

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File size: 312 bytes
1cd src
2@JAR@ cmf manifest-abcl ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\*.class
3@JAR@ uf ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\util\*.class
4@JAR@ uf ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\LICENSE
5@JAR@ uf ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\*.lisp
6@JAR@ uf ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\*.abcl
7@JAR@ uf ..\abcl.jar org\armedbear\lisp\*.cls
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