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SLIME configuation under NetBeans? working again.

To use slime, ensure the directory "~/.asdf-install-dir/systems"
exits, and symlink swank.asd from a SLIME installation into it.
Start the "slime" Netbeans configuration: when you see the "Swank
started at port: 4005." message, you may then use Emacs M-x
slime-connect to attach to the ABCL instance running in Netbeans.

An improvement might to be to randomize the port given to

Updated artifacts to Netbeans 7.4.

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1application.args=--eval "(require (quote asdf))" --eval '(push "~/.asdf-install-dir/systems/" asdf/find-system:*central-registry*)' --eval "(asdf:load-system :swank)" --eval "(swank:create-server)"
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