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ansi-tests: Fix ANSI-RT load definition.

A bit of a circular dance here to be able to use the ANSI-TESTS via
ASDF. In order to define functions like
ABCL.TEST.ANSI:DO-TESTS-MATCHING we need to have loaded the
REGRESSION-TEST package included with the ANSI-TESTS, so we can no
longer use the value of the ABCL.TEST.ANSI:*ANSI-TESTS-DIRECTORY*. We
now do this via a relative pathname of the form '../ansi-tests/' to
the location of 'abcl.asd' file, whereas our api previously suggested
that one could set the contents of
ABCL.TEST.ANSI:*ANSI-TESTS-DIRECTORY* to an arbitrary pathname. This
fixes the location of the ANSI-TESTS on the filesystem to be a sibling
directory named 'ansi-tests' to the truename of the directory
containing 'abcl.asd'.

I tried to add some sort of :before method to either the ASDF:LOAD-OP
or the ASDF:COMPILE-OP for the ANSI-RT definition, but assuming that
the source named in an system definition exists locally seems too
baked into ASDF2 to be cleanly intercepted.

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1(defpackage #:abcl.test.ansi
2  (:use :cl :cl-user)
3  (:nicknames #:ansi-tests #:abcl-ansi-tests #:gcl-ansi)
4  (:export #:run 
5           #:verify-ansi-tests
6     #:load-tests
7     #:clean-tests
8           #:full-report
9     #:report #:parse)
10  ;; This should be REGRESSION-TEST included with the ANSI-TESTS, but
11  ;; it is possible that the user may have included a slightly
12  ;; different version from say Quicklisp. 
13  (:import-from #:rt 
14                #:pend #:name
15                #:*entries* 
16                #:do-test #:do-tests 
17                #:do-entries))
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