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1;;; Copy this file to "customizations.lisp"
3;;; User customizations for the build.
5;;; This file is LOADed by INITIALIZE-BUILD (in build-abcl.lisp).
7;;; The variable *PLATFORM-IS-WINDOWS* should be true on Windows platforms. You
8;;; can, of course, substitute your own test for this in the code below, or add
9;;; a section for OS X, or Solaris, or whatever...
11;;; You MUST set *JDK* to the location of the JDK you want to use. Remove or
12;;; comment out settings that don't apply to your situation.
14;;; You don't really need to specify anything but *JDK*. *JAVA-COMPILER* and
15;;; *JAR* default to javac and jar, respectively, from the configured JDK.
17;;; Directories should be specified with a trailing slash (or, on Windows, a
18;;; trailing backslash).
20(in-package "BUILD-ABCL")
22;; Standard compiler options.
23(setq *javac-options* "-g")
24(setq *jikes-options* "+D -g")
26;; *PLATFORM* will be either :WINDOWS, :DARWIN, :LINUX, or :UNKNOWN.
27(case *platform*
28  (:windows
29   (setq *jdk*           "C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.5.0_16\\")
30   #+(or) (setq *java-compiler* "jikes")
31   )
32  (:darwin
33   (setq *jdk*           "/usr/")
34   (setq *java-compiler* "jikes")
35   #+(or) (setq *jar*    "jar"))
36  ((:linux :unknown)
37   (setq *jdk*           "/home/peter/sun/jdk1.5.0_16/")
38   (setq *jar*           "fastjar")))
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