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    r12498 r12499  
    11Version 0.19
    5 Features:
    8 Fixes/Optimizations:
    10 * The REFERENCES-NEEDED-P field of the LOCAL-FUNCTION structure now
     9* [svn 12487] An initial port ASDF-INSTALL now forms the first ABCL
     10  contrib which are optionally built by the Ant target 'abcl.contrib'.
     11  ASDF-INSTALL is not expected to work very well under Windows at the
     12  moment.
     14* [svn 12447] REQUIRE now searches for ASDF systems.
     16* [svn r12422] Jar pathname support extensively re-worked and tested
     17  so that LOAD, PROBE-FILE, TRUENAME, and WRITE-FILE-DATE all work
     18  both for local and remote jar pathnames of the form
     19  "jar:URL!/JAR-ENTRY".
     21  Loading ASDF systems from jar files are now possible.
     23  SYS:PATHNAME-JAR-P predicate signals whether a pathname refences a
     24  jar.
     26  NB: jar pathnames do *not* currently work as an argument to OPEN or
     27  DIRECTORY.
     29  SYS:UNZIP implemented to unpack ZIP files. 
     31  SYS:ZIP now has a three argument version for creating zip files with
     32  hierarchical entries.
     34* [svn r12414] SYS::%GET-OUTPUT-STREAM-ARRAY returns a Lisp byte array
     35  from a Java byte array stream.
     37* [svn 12402] ABCL.TEST.LISP:RUN-MATCHING will now execute that subset
     38  of tests which match a string.
     44* [svn r12485] Pathnames starting with "." can now have TYPE.
     46* [svn r12484] FASLS containing "." characters not used to indicate
     47  type (i.e. "") can now be loaded.
     49* [svn 12422] URL contructor under Windows now properly
     50  interprets the drive letter.
     52* [svn r12449] The 'abcl.jar' produced by Netbeans now contains a valid
     53  manifest (found by Paul Griffionen).
     55* [svn r12441] ZipCache now caches all references to ZipFiles based on
     56  the last-modified time for local files.  Remote files are always
     57  retrieved due to problems in the underlying JVM code. 
     59  SYS:REMOVE-ZIP-CACHE implements a way to invalidate an entry given a
     60  pathname.
     62* [svn r12439] Remove duplication of java options in Windows
     63  'abcl.bat' script.
     65* [svn r12437] CHAR-CODE-LIMIT is the upper execlusive limit (found by
     66  Paul Griffionen).
     68* [svn r12436] Describe formatting missing a newline (reported by
     69  Blake McBride).
     71* [svn 12469] Ensure that FILE-ERROR always has a value (possibly NIL)
     72  for its PATHNAME member.
     74* [svn r14222] MERGE-PATHNAMES no longer potentially shares between
     75  result and *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS*.
     77* [svn r12416] Fixed ANSI LAMBDA.nn test failures caused by errors in
     78  lambda inlining.
     80* [svn r12417] [ticket:83] Fix TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME regression.
     81  (Alan Ruttenberg).
     83* [svn r12412] Optimize memory efficiency of FORMAT by use of a
     84  hashtable rather than a CHAR-CODE-LIMIT array.
     86* [svn r12408] FIND-SYMBOL requires a  string argument.
     88* [svn r12400] Make NIL (as symbol) available to the compiler.
     90* [svn r12398] Move lambda list analysis to compile time where possible.
     92* [svn r12397] BROADCAST-STREAM obeys default external format fixing
     95* [svn r12395] Improve arglist display for SLIME (Matthias Hözl).
     97* [svn r12394] Optimize array utilization in closures.
     99* [svn r12393] Optimize array functions in compiler which don't
     100  require clearing the VALUES array.
     102* [svn r12392] Optimize/normalize aspects of boot.lisp
     104* [svn r12391] Prevent duplicated subclasses form occuring.
     110* [svn 12447] SYS::*MODULE-PROVIDER-FUNCTION* now provides a mechanism
     111  to extend the REQUIRE resolver mechanism at runtime.
     113* [svn r12430] Ant based build no longer writes temporary files to
     114  contain the Lisp build instructions.
     116* [svn r12481] STANDARD-CLASS now has slots to be inherited by
     117  deriving metaclasses in support of the (in progress) work on
     118  metaclass.
     120* [svn r12425] No longer ignore the METACLASS defclass option in
     121  support of the (in progress) work on metaclass
     123* [svn r12422] SYS::*LOAD-TRUENAME-FASL* now contains the TRUENAME of
     124  the Java "*.cls" component we loading a packed FASL.
     126* [svn r12461] Human readable Java representations for class cast
     127  exceptions for NULL and UNBOUND values.
     129* [svn 12453 et. ff.] Large numbers of Java primitives have been
     130  declared in a way so that a stack trace provides a much more
     131  readable indication of what has been invoked.  Primitives which
     132  extend Primitive are prefixed with "pf_"; those which extend
     133  SpecialOperator are prefixed with "sf_".
     135* [svn 12422] The internal structure of a jar pathname has changed.
     136  Previously a pathname with a DEVICE that was itself a pathname
     137  referenced a jar.  This convention was not able to simultaneously
     138  represent both jar entries that were themselves jar files (as occurs
     139  with packed FASLs within JARs) and devices which refer to drive
     140  letters under Windows.  Now, a pathname which refers to a jar has a
     141  DEVICE which is a proper list of at most two entries.  The first
     142  entry always references the "outer jar", and the second entry (if it
     143  exists) references the "inner jar".
     145* [svn r12419] Ant 'abcl.release' target centralizes the build steps
     146  necessary for creating releases.
     148* [svn r12409] Compiler now rewrites function calls with (LAMBDA 
) as
     149  the operator to LET* forms.
     151* [svn r12415] CLASS-FILE renamed to ABCL-CLASS-FILE to prepare for
     152  (in progress) reworking of Stream inheritance.
     154* [svn r123406] 'test/lisp/abcl/bugs.lisp' forms a default location to
     155  add unit tests for current bug testing.  The intention is to move
     156  these tests into the proper location elsewhere in the test suite
     157  once they have been fixed.
     159* [svn r124040] Java tests upgraded to use junit-4.8.1.  Netbeans
     160  project runtime classpath now uses compilation results before source
     161  directory, allowing the invocation of ABCL in interpreted mode if
     162  the Ant 'abcl.compile.lisp.skip' property is set.  Java unit tests
     163  for some aspects of jar pathname work added.
     165*  New toplevel 'doc' directory now contains:
     167   + [svn r12410] Design for the (in progress) reworking of the Stream
     168     inheritance.
     170   + [svn r12433] Design and current status for the re-implementation
     171     of jar pathnames.
     173* [svn r12402] Change ABCL unit tests to use the ABCL-TEST-LISP definition
     174  contained in 'abcl.asd'.  Fixed and renabled math-tests.  Added new
     175  tests for work related to handling jar pathnames.
     177* [svn r12401] The REFERENCES-NEEDED-P field of the LOCAL-FUNCTION structure now
    11178  tracks whether local functions need the capture of an actual
    12179  function object.
    14 * Make NIL (as symbol) available to the compiler.
    16 * Move lambda list analysis to compile time where possible.
    18 * BROADCAST-STREAM obeys default external format fixing ANSI
    21 * Improve arglist display for SLIME (Matthias Hözl).
    23 * Optimize array utilization in closures.
    25 * Optimize array functions in compiler which don't require clearing
    26   the VALUES array.
    28 * Optimize/normalize aspects of boot.lisp
    30 * Prevent duplicated subclasses.
    32 * Print Java objects with PRINT-OBJECT when *PRINT-PRETTY* is false
    33   (Alan Ruttenberg).
    36182Version 0.18.1
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