Changeset 12818

07/22/10 18:12:05 (13 years ago)

Upgrade ASDF to 2.004, as per request of their developer(s).

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  • trunk/abcl/src/org/armedbear/lisp/asdf.lisp

    r12765 r12818  
    7171(eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
    7272  (let* ((asdf-version ;; the 1+ helps the version bumping script discriminate
    73           (subseq "VERSION:2.003" (1+ (length "VERSION")))) ; NB: same as 2.105.
     73          (subseq "VERSION:2.004" (1+ (length "VERSION")))) ; NB: same as 2.111.
    7474         (existing-asdf (find-package :asdf))
    7575         (vername '#:*asdf-version*)
    728728#+sbcl (defun get-uid () (sb-unix:unix-getuid))
    729729#+cmu (defun get-uid () (unix:unix-getuid))
    730 #+ecl (ffi:clines "#include <sys/types.h>" "#include <unistd.h>")
    731 #+ecl (defun get-uid () (ffi:c-inline () () :int "getuid()" :one-liner t))
     730#+ecl #.(cl:and (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
     731         '(ffi:clines "#include <sys/types.h>" "#include <unistd.h>"))
     732#+ecl (defun get-uid ()
     733        #.(cl:if (cl:< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 100601)
     734            '(ffi:c-inline () () :int "getuid()" :one-liner t)
     735            '(ext::getuid)))
    732736#+allegro (defun get-uid () (excl.osi:getuid))
    733737#-(or cmu sbcl clisp allegro ecl)
    10731077(defun system-registered-p (name)
    10741078  (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*))
     1080(defun clear-system (name)
     1081  "Clear the entry for a system in the database of systems previously loaded.
     1082Note that this does NOT in any way cause the code of the system to be unloaded."
     1083  ;; There is no "unload" operation in Common Lisp, and a general such operation
     1084  ;; cannot be portably written, considering how much CL relies on side-effects
     1085  ;; of global data structures.
     1086  ;; Note that this does a setf gethash instead of a remhash
     1087  ;; this way there remains a hint in the *defined-systems* table
     1088  ;; that the system was loaded at some point.
     1089  (setf (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*) nil))
    10761091(defun map-systems (fn)
    23962411    :java-1.4 :java-1.5 :java-1.6 :java-1.7))
    23982414(defun lisp-version-string ()
    23992415  (let ((s (lisp-implementation-version)))
    24112427                       (:+ics ""))
    24122428                      (if (member :64bit *features*) "-64bit" ""))
     2429    #+armedbear (format nil "~a-fasl~a" s system::*fasl-version*)
    24132430    #+clisp (subseq s 0 (position #\space s))
    24142431    #+clozure (format nil "~d.~d-fasl~d"
    24252442    #+lispworks (format nil "~A~@[~A~]" s
    24262443                        (when (member :lispworks-64bit *features*) "-64bit"))
    2427     ;; #+sbcl (format nil "~a-fasl~d" s sb-fasl:+fasl-file-version+) ; fasl-f-v is redundant
    2428     #+armedbear (format nil "~a-fasl~a" s system::*fasl-version*)
     2444    ;; #+sbcl (format nil "~a-fasl~d" s sb-fasl:+fasl-file-version+) ; f-f-v redundant w/ version
    24292445    #+(or cormanlisp mcl sbcl scl) s
    24302446    #-(or allegro armedbear clisp clozure cmu cormanlisp digitool
    25112527           ;;; read-windows-registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Common AppData
    25122528        ,(try (getenv "ALLUSERSPROFILE") "Application Data/common-lisp/config/"))))
    2513     (list #p"/etc/"))))
     2529    (list #p"/etc/common-lisp/"))))
    25142530(defun in-first-directory (dirs x)
    25152531  (loop :for dir :in dirs
    29592975(defun delete-file-if-exists (x)
    2960   (when (probe-file x)
     2976  (when (and x (probe-file x))
    29612977    (delete-file x)))
    33553371  (setf (source-registry) (compute-source-registry parameter)))
    3357 ;; checks an initial variable to see whether the state is initialized
     3373;; Checks an initial variable to see whether the state is initialized
    33583374;; or cleared. In the former case, return current configuration; in
    33593375;; the latter, initialize.  ASDF will call this function at the start
    3360 ;; of (asdf:find-system).
    3361 (defun ensure-source-registry ()
     3376;; of (asdf:find-system) to make sure the source registry is initialized.
     3377;; However, it will do so *without* a parameter, at which point it
     3378;; will be too late to provide a parameter to this function, though
     3379;; you may override the configuration explicitly by calling
     3380;; initialize-source-registry directly with your parameter.
     3381(defun ensure-source-registry (&optional parameter)
    33623382  (if (source-registry-initialized-p)
    33633383      (source-registry)
    3364       (initialize-source-registry)))
     3384      (initialize-source-registry parameter)))
    33663386(defun sysdef-source-registry-search (system)
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