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    29252925@section Controlling source file character encoding
    2927 Starting with ASDF 2.21, components accept a @code{:encoding} option.
     2927Starting with ASDF 2.21, components accept a @code{:encoding} option
     2928so authors may specify which character encoding should be used
     2929to read and evaluate their source code.
     2930When left unspecified, the encoding is inherited
     2931from the parent module or system;
     2932if no encoding is specified at any point,
     2933the default @code{:autodetect} is assumed.
    29282934By default, only @code{:default}, @code{:utf-8}
    29292935and @code{:autodetect} are accepted.
    2930 @code{:autodetect} is the default, and calls
     2936@code{:autodetect}, the default, calls
    29312937@code{*encoding-detection-hook*} which by default always returns
    29322938@code{*default-encoding*} which itself defaults to @code{:default}.
    29332940In other words, there now are plenty of extension hooks, but
    29342941by default ASDF follows the backwards compatible behavior
    29492956on an implementation that supports unicode.
    29502957We recommend that you avoid using unprotected @code{:encoding} specifications
    2951 until after ASDF 2.21 becomes widespread, hopefully by the end of 2012.
     2958until after ASDF 2.21 or later becomes widespread, hopefully by the end of 2012.
    29532960While it offers plenty of hooks for extension,
    31573164from the @code{xcvb-driver} system that is distributed with XCVB:
    3159 It's only alternative that supports
     3166It's the only alternative that supports
    31603167as many implementations and operating systems as ASDF does,
    31613168and provides well-defined behavior outside Unix (i.e. on Windows).
    32263233to see if the new API is present.
    32273234@emph{All} versions of ASDF should have the @code{:asdf} feature.
     3236Additionally, all versions of asdf 2
     3237define a function @code{(asdf:asdf-version)} you may use to query the version;
     3238and the source code of recent versions of asdf 2 features the version number
     3239prominently on the second line of its source code.
    32293241If you are experiencing problems or limitations of any sort with ASDF 1,
    34543466See @code{enable-asdf-binary-locations-compatibility} in
    34553467@pxref{Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files,,Backward Compatibility}.
    3456 But thou shall not load ABL on top of ASDF 2.
     3468But thou shalt not load ABL on top of ASDF 2.
    34583470@end itemize
    34703482where the namestring might have previously sufficed;
    34713483moreover when evaluation is desired @code{#.} must be used,
    3472 where it wasn't necessary in the toplevel @code{:pathname} argument.
     3484where it wasn't necessary in the toplevel @code{:pathname} argument
     3485(but necessary in other @code{:pathname} arguments).
    34863499Or you can fix your implementation to not be quite that slow
    34873500when recursing through directories.
    3488 @emph{Update}: performance bug fixed the hard way in 2.010.
     3501@emph{Update}: This performance bug fixed the hard way in 2.010.
    35433556If ASDF isn't loaded yet, then @code{(require "asdf")}
    35443557should load the version of ASDF that is bundled with your system.
     3558If possible so should @code{(require "ASDF")}.
    35453559You may have it load some other version configured by the user,
    35463560if you allow such configuration.
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