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12/07/12 16:17:06 (9 years ago)
Mark Evenson

changes: update trunk with 1.1.0 changes. Needs formatting, linking.

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  • trunk/abcl/CHANGES

    r14264 r14314  
     7Version 1.1.1
    712Version 1.1.0
    9 svn.uri=:"http//"
    10 (22 November 2012)
     15(07 December 2012)
    7984         A "captured from the wild" version of what @rich.hickey did before Clojure.
    125128  * [#187] Better SORT and STABLE-SORT via Jorge Tavares [???]
     133    id  summary owner type  priority  component version
     134    173 Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear  mevenson  defect  blocker interpreter 0.27
     135    191 Compiling SHARPSIGN SHARPSIGN form causes stack overflow  ehuelsmann  defect  blocker compiler  1.0
     136    196 STABLE-SORT is only stable for lists  ehuelsmann  defect  blocker interpreter 1.0.1
     137    216 JVM stack inconsistency triggered by compiler ehuelsmann  defect  blocker compiler 
     138    221 Stack exhaustion on invocation of function in non-existing package  ehuelsmann  defect  blocker interpreter
     139    234 ABCL-ASDF mvn errors with VERSION slot unbound  mevenson  defect  blocker ASDF  1.1.0-dev
     140    237 JNA fails to load blocking CFFI mevenson  defect  blocker libraries 1.1.0-dev
     141    249 Problems under Ubuntu mevenson  defect  blocker libraries 1.1.0-dev
     142    250 SYS:SHA256 does not compile ehuelsmann  defect  blocker build 1.1.0-dev
     143    265 COMPILE-FILE.2 COMPILE-FILE.2A ANSI regression  ehuelsmann  defect  blocker compiler  1.1.0-dev
     144    268 ABCL-ASDF working with maven-3.0.3  mevenson  defect  blocker libraries
     145    269 SLIME cannot browse systems with November Quicklisp somebody  defect  blocker other 1.1.0-dev
     146    270 Is BUGS.DEFEGENERIC.1 a valid test? rschlatte defect  blocker (A)MOP  1.1.0-dev
     147    271 ASDF-2.26 changes synced upstream mevenson  defect  blocker other 1.1.0-dev
     148    272 DESCRIBE.[14] ANSI regression rschlatte defect  blocker (A)MOP  1.1.0-dev
     149    275 ABCL-CONTRIB still provided if abcl-contrib.jar cannot be located mevenson  defect  blocker abcl-contrib  1.1.0-dev
     150    276 defmethod doesn't call add-method rschlatte defect  blocker (A)MOP 
     151    277 reinitialize-instance on class metaobjects incorrect  rschlatte defect  blocker (A)MOP 
     152    113 DEFSTRUCT redefinition can crash ABCL on MAKE-STRUCT  mevenson  defect  critical  java 
     153    199 CL:DEFMETHOD fails for &AUX arguments that reference other arguments  mevenson  defect  critical  CLOS  1.1.0-dev
     154    213 ABCL-ASDF breakage on trunk mevenson  defect  critical  interpreter 1.1.0-dev
     155    215 ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE should work in more (some?) cases mevenson  defect  critical  other 1.1.0-dev
     156    229 JSS method resolution failure mevenson  defect  critical  java  1.1.0-dev
     157    246 CFFI: dynamically generated classes referred from .fasl can not be found after ABCL restart mevenson  defect  critical  libraries 1.1.0-dev
     158    168 Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus  ehuelsmann  defect  major compiler 
     159    187 Stack Overflow for Worst-case Vector Sort nobody  defect  major java  1.0
     160    202 ENSURE-GENERIC-FUNCTION assumes LAMBDA-LIST is NIL  ehuelsmann  defect  major (A)MOP  1.1.0-dev
     161    204 abcl-asdf maybe-parse-mvn ignores version information mevenson  defect  major libraries 1.1.0-dev
     162    205 JSS logic for resolving methods a little wonky (could use better diagnostics on why resolution has failed)  mevenson  defect  major libraries 1.0.1
     163    207 DECLARE should signal conditions when type declarations are violated  ehuelsmann  defect  major interpreter 1.1.0-dev
     164    210 Add JFLI to contrib mevenson  enhancement major libraries
     165    217 ANSI tests wont run on Revision 14011: /trunk/abcl  rschlatte defect  major build 1.1.0-dev
     166    219 Keyword argument checking for lambda lists is too lenient for ANSI  ehuelsmann  defect  major interpreter 1.0.1
     167    220 Lambda list checking too lenient  nobody  defect  major java  1.1.0-dev
     168    224 Autoloader fails when *read-XXXX* variables bound to non-standard values  nobody  defect  major java  1.1.0-dev
     169    225 One of the paths in STD-COMPUTE-DISCRIMINATING function not working somebody  defect  major CLOS 
     170    235 Compiled cl+ssl sources not reloadable  mevenson  defect  major compiler  1.1.0-dev
     171    241 &rest and &aux can't coexist anymore in lambda lists  ehuelsmann  defect  major compiler 
     172    243 ClassCastException in MAKE-PATHNAME mevenson  defect  major java  1.1.0-dev
     173    245 Slots of a class with a custom meta-class are reported as unbound.  rschlatte defect  major (A)MOP 
     174    247 CFFI: $Proxy3 is not assignable to com.sun.jna.Pointer  mevenson  defect  major libraries 1.1.0-dev
     175    252 MOP rework broke profiler?  ehuelsmann  defect  major (A)MOP  1.1.0-dev
     176    254 Cannot load ASDF systems in jar archives with ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS-COMPATIBILTY enabled  mevenson  defect  major ASDF  1.1.0-dev
     177    255 ASDF file encoding specification doesn't work mevenson  defect  major ASDF  1.1.0-dev
     178    263 loading systems from abcl-contrib fails if CLASSPATH has a component with wildcard  mevenson  defect  major abcl-contrib  1.1.0-dev
     179    264 abcl-asdf.asd broken since revision 14233 mevenson  defect  major abcl-contrib  1.1.0-dev
     180    60  Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly ehuelsmann  defect  minor compiler 
     181    130 "SLIME under Windows has ""extra"" CRLF"  mevenson  defect  minor other
     182    172 DOCUMENTATION does not work for generic functions ehuelsmann  defect  minor interpreter 0.27
     183    174 Conformance bug in time implementation when using SLIME mevenson  defect  minor other 0.27
     184    175 abcl.release target fails occasionally  unassigned  defect  minor build 0.27
     185    189 Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration  ehuelsmann  defect  minor compiler  1.0
     186    201 &WHOLE broken in DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION  somebody  defect  minor CLOS  1.1.0-dev
     187    206 COMPILER-UNSUPPORTED-FEATURE-ERROR is derived from CONDITION, rather than from ERROR  ehuelsmann  defect  minor compiler 
     188    208 "Files loaded via ""--load <FILE>"" on the command line have no pathname defaults"  ehuelsmann  defect  minor interpreter 1.1.0-dev
     189    211 closure-common fails to load correctly after compilation  mevenson  defect  minor compiler  1.1.0-dev
     190    214 Stack overflow when compiler macro with fallback is triggered ehuelsmann  defect  minor compiler  1.0.1
     191    232 Allow wrapper script to reference install directory instead of build directory  mevenson  enhancement minor build 1.1.0-dev
     192    192 ASDF::IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER contains ABCL build environment identifier  mevenson  defect  trivial ASDF  1.0.1
     193    195 prompt is displayed twice when evaluating NIL at the REPL vvoutilainen  defect  trivial interpreter
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