01/16/17 17:30:17 (17 months ago)

JSS syntax for fields (Alan Ruttenberg)

<thing> is either {<lisp expression>} or a class name or abbreviation that find-java-class can use

If <thing> is a lisp expression, then it is evaluated (in the lexical environment) and used as an instance
If <thing> is a class name the result of find-java-class is used and a static field access is done.

<field> is either {<lisp expression} or string

If <field> is a lisp expression it should evaluate to a string that names a field
If <field> is a string (no quotes) it is used as the field name

eg. #"foo.bar.baz" -> (get-java-field (find-java-class 'foo.bar) "baz" t)

#"{foo}.baz" -> (get-java-field (find-java-class foo) "baz" t)

From <https://github.com/armedbear/abcl/pull/25/commits/b94639b21843c439a5bf437661446c0b65a67791>.

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