Release notes for ABCL 0.13

Major changes and new features

JSR-223: Java Scripting Plugin
ABCL supports - when built with the javax.script package in the CLASSPATH - the interfaces defined in JSR-223.
Support for inlining FLOAT results
When given the right DECLARE forms, ABCL is now able to inline calculations and intermediate values relating to FLOAT types. Before, it used to box all FLOAT values and results, without inlining.
Compiler cleanups
Lots of code cleanup in the compiler, such as elimination of nearly-equivalent code blocks.
TRACE-ing fixes
TRACE should no longer blow up when tracing FORMAT or inside the compiler.
Support for "partial" wildcards in CL:DIRECTORY
Patterns such as #p"cl-*.lisp" are now supported.

Release notes for ABCL 0.12 and older

These release notes have not been created before. If someone takes the effort to create them, they will be added for 0.11 and 0.12.

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