ABCL - Release notes for version 0.17

Most notable changes in ABCL 0.17

Release notes for older releases.

ConditionThrowable changes to API
ConditionThrowable has been renamed to ControlTransfer and no longer has Throwable as its parent class using RuntimeException instead. In addition have all the "throws ConditionThrowable" method annotations been removed: API users generally should not be bothered with an implementation 'detail'.
Increased FASL version number
Pre-0.17 FASLS identify themselves with versions up to 32; 0.17 uses 33.
Google App Engine example code
This release contains a "Hello world" example program.
CLOS improvements
MAKE-INSTANCE initargs checking improments, discriminating methods and slot accessor performance
Java property for auto-loading verbosity
Add "-Dabcl.autoload.verbose=Y" when starting ABCL to make the autoloader process more verbose.
Fixed unexpected thread termination
The running thread no longer gets terminated when a GO or RETURN-FROM form gets evaluated outside its lexical scope.
Loading FASLs from JARs
When the application has file-system access, it can load FASL files from a JAR it's stored in (enhancement of deployment options).

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