ABCL - Release notes for version 0.21

Most notable changes in ABCL 0.21

Release notes for older releases.

OS-independent pathname representation in FASLs
A long-withstanding bug which clearly manifested in release 0.20 with the integration of ASDF 2: pathnames were externalized in FASLs using their OS-dependent printed representation. Thus FASLs containing literal pathnames compiled on Windows didn't work correctly on Linux. This bug has been fixed in this release by always externalizing pathnames using '/' as a separator, so they can be correctly read back on all major OSes.
ASDF2 updated
ASDF has been updated to version 2.004.
CLOS/MOP enhancements
It is now possible to define custom slot definition metaobjects and to add custom defclass options to user-defined metaclasses. It is also now possible to use slot-value, (setf slot-value), and slot-boundp on structure objects.
Java interop enhancements
Java integration has been enhanced: the classpath can now be manipulated and inspected at runtime; a proxy implementing multiple interfaces in Lisp can be produced; and CL:STRING has been extended to call toString() on Java objects.
Other minor bug fixes
Including a few fixes on how certain objects are printed, a MACROLET bug, and support for JSR-223 with Java 1.5. Consult the CHANGES file distributed with ABCL for more details.

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