ABCL - Release notes for version 0.27

Most notable changes in ABCL 0.27

Release notes for older releases.

Specify JVM artifacts by the ABCL-ASDF contrib
The ABCL-ASDF contrib extends the ASDF system definitions with the ability to reference JVM specific artifacts. The JAR-FILE and JAR-DIRECTORY components that can be resolved via PATHNAME. The MVN component can be used to specify versioned artifacts that will be resolved and downloaded by the Maven3 distributed infrastructure.
Wider compatibility with Quicklisp enacapsulated systems Based on reports for problems using ABCL with CL-INTERPOL (CL-UNICODE fix), NAMED-READTABLES and PARENSCRIPT.
Further reduction of ANSI test suite failure count
Coming from 20 failures out of 21702 at 0.26.2, there are now 16 failures out of 21702 at 0.27.0.
Java method LispObject.writeToString() for printing Java-side ABCL objects, renamed to printObject().
LispObject.printObject() provides the implementation, but users will want to call the new method LispObject.princToString() when human-readable output is desired.
Able to build SBCL
ABCL's compiler is once again able to serve as a cross compiler boot host for the SBCL Lisp core.

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