ABCL - Release notes for version 0.25

Most notable changes in ABCL 0.25

Release notes for older releases.

New :resolve-symlinks keyword argument for DIRECTORY
Passing NIL as the value for :resolve-symlinks prevents DIRECTORY from returning truenames.
LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION now includes Subversion revision info
`svnversion` is used to retrieve the state of the working copy being compiled from; the information is included in the value returned by lisp-implementation-version.
Object instantiation speedups
A cache has been implemented to reduce the number of calculatoins required when determining whether the keyword arguments to MAKE-INSTANCE and REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE are valid.
Compiler refactoring to prevent further stack inconsistency errors
Due to earlier changes to the compiler and the overall structure, the Java class verifier would detect 'stack inconsistency' issues in some specific cases. The refactoring should put an end to that. In the short term, however, this change could have a slightly destabilizing effect. Tests have been carried out, but no issues were found so far.
Instantiation of forward referenced classes
When trying to instantiate a forward referenced class, the user will not get a vague error anymore, but a clear error about the situation.

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