Java 1.3 or later is required. Java 1.4.1 is recommended.

Blackdown Java 1.4.1 or Sun Java 1.4.1 is recommended for Linux.

Sun Java 1.4.1 is recommended for Windows.

Support for platforms other than Linux and Windows is purely accidental.

Simply untar or unzip the binary distribution, cd into the j directory, and run the jar file:

    $ tar xvfz j-0.17.0-binary.tar.gz
    $ cd j-0.17.0
    $ java -jar j.jar
Or on Windows:
    c:\> unzip
    c:\> cd j-0.17.0
    c:\j-0.17.0> java -jar j.jar
You should be able to bring up j's help from within the editor by pressing F1. If this doesn't work right out of the box, you may need to create a preferences file and add a line to it to tell j where the documentation is located:
docPath should point to the directory containing j's HTML documentation (including the file you're reading now). On Windows, you'll need to use double backslashes in your filenames, as shown.