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(edit) @15079   14 months mevenson Mark source as building 1.6.0-dev
(edit) @15074   14 months mevenson Release as 1.5.0
(edit) @15072   14 months mevenson Deprecate tool to build ABCL from another lisp The results of the …
(edit) @15042   14 months mevenson abcl-1.5.0-rc-0: drop support for Java 5 Initial documentation and …
(edit) @15009   14 months mevenson Rework ABCL-BUILD as a contrib ABCL-BUILD now more usefully installs …
(edit) @14975   18 months mevenson metadata: normalize README, manual, and asdf metadata
(edit) @14961   18 months mevenson docker: fix entrypoint reference to help actually running a REPL …
(edit) @14936   19 months mevenson docker: instructions for running ABCL in Docker TODO: fix up the …
(edit) @14930   19 months mevenson docker: instructions for running ABCL in Docker TODO: fix up the …
(edit) @14892   22 months mevenson metadata: publish all artifacts for 1.4.0 simultaneously Update the …
(edit) @14869   23 months mevenson doc: proofreading; add release locations; ANSI compileit results …
(edit) @14866   23 months mevenson metadata: reverse previous edit, start annotating for 1.4.0-rc-1
(edit) @14865   23 months mevenson Merges from svn-1.4.0-dev
(edit) @14862   23 months mevenson metadata: attribute last five patches to ferada Somehow, the upstream …
(edit) @14846   2 years mevenson Exit from Bash build script if 'customizations.lisp' isn't present …
(edit) @14653   4 years mevenson metadata: change trunk to refer to <>.
(edit) @14639   4 years mevenson trunk now builds abcl-1.4.0-dev
(edit) @14633   4 years mevenson Test commit to close #345.
(edit) @14615   4 years mevenson Documentation & metadata updates prior to abcl-1.3.0 branch.
(edit) @14598   5 years mevenson Docs and metadata.
(edit) @14540   5 years mevenson abcl-1.3.0-dev: Update release identifiers.
(edit) @14304   6 years mevenson doc: bring trunk to status of RC2 minus abcl-1.1.0 specific text.
(edit) @14264   6 years mevenson Bump trunk to abcl-1.2-dev
(edit) @14255   6 years rschlatte add documentation about documentation about running tests
(edit) @14044   6 years mevenson README: Correct Authors to spelling in Manual. Sorry Ville! Rudi …
(edit) @14039   6 years mevenson README refresh for abcl-1.1.0-dev. Added Rudi Schlatte. …
(edit) @13709   7 years mevenson Spellcheck README
(edit) @13635   7 years mevenson Update README's account of passing the ANSI test suite with results …
(edit) @13630   7 years mevenson The long form of DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION has been implemented.
(edit) @13629   7 years mevenson Dust off the README a bit.
(edit) @13166   8 years mevenson Smooth over more nits in the README.
(edit) @13165   8 years ehuelsmann Update README.
(edit) @12900   8 years mevenson Correct README language.
(edit) @12625   8 years mevenson Finish updating README, mainly deprecating the prominence of the Lisp …
(edit) @12623   8 years mevenson Partial re-working of install documentation.
(edit) @12563   8 years ehuelsmann Update README for release 0.19.1.
(edit) @12237   9 years ehuelsmann Update README.
(edit) @12046   9 years mevenson Shell script interface to building ABCL from within another Lisp. …
(edit) @11494   10 years mevenson (dmiles) Fix SLIME compatibilit via STREAM type check value.
(edit) @11485   10 years mevenson Updated README to mention newly added Netbeans integration.
(copy) @11457   10 years ehuelsmann Create separate project directories for ABCL and J.
copied from trunk/j/README:
(edit) @11355   10 years ehuelsmann Make the website and the README contain the same numbers.
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