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(edit) @15079   14 months mevenson Mark source as building 1.6.0-dev
(edit) @15074   14 months mevenson Release as 1.5.0
(edit) @15048   14 months mevenson Build abcl-1.5.0-rc-1
(edit) @15042   14 months mevenson abcl-1.5.0-rc-0: drop support for Java 5 Initial documentation and …
(edit) @14975   18 months mevenson metadata: normalize README, manual, and asdf metadata
(edit) @14913   20 months mevenson asdf-
(edit) @14900   22 months mevenson metadata: denote source as 1.5.0-dev
(edit) @14892   22 months mevenson metadata: publish all artifacts for 1.4.0 simultaneously Update the …
(edit) @14885   22 months mevenson Remove ASDF-INSTALL from ABCL-CONTRIB The Quicklisp library manager …
(edit) @14875   22 months mevenson metadata: correct future self-reference off by one
(edit) @14874   22 months mevenson metadata: prepare for 1.4.0 release Goal is to have all …
(edit) @14868   23 months mevenson metadata: Correct CHANGES
(edit) @14866   23 months mevenson metadata: reverse previous edit, start annotating for 1.4.0-rc-1
(edit) @14865   23 months mevenson Merges from svn-1.4.0-dev
(edit) @14863   23 months mevenson (Vibhu Mohindra) Fix RandomAccessCharacterFile?.java
(edit) @14862   23 months mevenson metadata: attribute last five patches to ferada Somehow, the upstream …
(edit) @14844   3 years mevenson doc: note use of asdf-3.1.6 in implementation
(edit) @14734   4 years mevenson Update to asdf-3.1.4
(edit) @14731   4 years mevenson doc: note ASDF version as 3.1.1.
(edit) @14653   4 years mevenson metadata: change trunk to refer to <>.
(edit) @14637   4 years mevenson 1.3.0 metadata change before branch.
(edit) @14635   4 years mevenson Note recent changes. abcl.rdf is now valid again.
(edit) @14615   4 years mevenson Documentation & metadata updates prior to abcl-1.3.0 branch.
(edit) @14598   5 years mevenson Docs and metadata.
(edit) @14589   5 years mevenson Restore loading of abcl.rdf.
(edit) @14587   5 years mevenson Transform (hopefully) all occurances of old URIs to …
(edit) @14585   5 years mevenson Update CHANGES on trunk for abcl-1.3.0 releng.
(edit) @14540   5 years mevenson abcl-1.3.0-dev: Update release identifiers.
(edit) @14539   5 years mevenson Trunk now builds abcl-1.3.0-dev.
(edit) @14505   5 years mevenson abcl-1.2.0-rc-0: Mark as first release candidate.
(edit) @14393   5 years mevenson Update DOAP description with small tweaks.
(edit) @14324   6 years mevenson rdf: Correct identifier for Alessio. Correct usage of rdf:Bag …
(edit) @14318   6 years mevenson rdf: Note abcl-1.0.1.jar as a known previous version of the …
(edit) @14317   6 years mevenson 1.1.0: link to svn release tag.
(edit) @14316   6 years mevenson rdf: correct release label.
(edit) @14304   6 years mevenson doc: bring trunk to status of RC2 minus abcl-1.1.0 specific text.
(edit) @14276   6 years mevenson abcl.rdf: correct parsability with Jeannie.
(edit) @14264   6 years mevenson Bump trunk to abcl-1.2-dev
(edit) @13842   6 years mevenson metadata+doc: Add Rudi Schlatte as a current committer.
(edit) @13840   6 years mevenson Fix syntactically incorrect DOAP description.
(edit) @13797   6 years mevenson Speculative use of N3. Not even sure it is valid N3. Need to bootstrap G
(add) @13796   6 years mevenson Add DOAP description for Armed Bear Common Lisp. Turtles all the way …
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