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(edit) @14253   6 years rschlatte Tiny manual fixes
(edit) @14201   6 years mevenson manual: update for abcl-1.1.0.
(edit) @14178   6 years mevenson Merging a "plain file" path on non-Windows gets an :UNSPECIFIC DEVICE. …
(edit) @14175   6 years mevenson Reading a Lisp name for \uNNNN works for non-zero padded forms less …
(edit) @14174   6 years mevenson Note why Windows doesn't need the proposed merge PATHNAME changes.
(edit) @14172   6 years mevenson Document current plans for resolution of issues involving the merging …
(edit) @14160   6 years mevenson doc: MERGE-PATHNAMES issue fragments.
(edit) @14159   6 years mevenson Document problems with having *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS* point to a …
(edit) @14151   6 years mevenson Draft of analysis of Pathname merge semantics problems. This problem …
(edit) @14150   6 years mevenson Upgrade to asdf-2.24.
(edit) @14013   6 years mevenson Commit asdf-2.23 to trunk.
(edit) @13963   6 years mevenson asdf: Upgrade to asdf-2.22.
(edit) @13933   6 years mevenson doc: include the package qualification of referenced symbols.
(edit) @13922   6 years mevenson asdf: update to asdf-2.21
(edit) @13911   6 years mevenson Upgradte to asdf-2.20.
(edit) @13905   6 years rschlatte fix manual compilation error
(edit) @13886   6 years mevenson quicklisp-abcl: boot Quicklisp install from the network with URIs. …
(edit) @13882   6 years mevenson manual: description of ABCL-CONTRIB symbols and their meaning.
(edit) @13868   6 years rschlatte Fix tilde appearances.
(edit) @13866   6 years mevenson Promote JAVA:JARRAY-FROM-LIST to the public API. Re-run grovel on the …
(edit) @13864   6 years rschlatte Remove export of some internal symbols from package java. ... also …
(edit) @13858   6 years rschlatte Manual: fix grovel.lisp, add to Makefile (not run by default) ... …
(edit) @13856   6 years mevenson manual: clarify the interface for the default implementation for …
(edit) @13855   6 years mevenson manual: minor corrections to previous commit.
(edit) @13854   6 years mevenson manual: extend content in the Beyond ANSI section. Describe …
(edit) @13853   6 years rschlatte Linkify manual. Also some light adjustments to contents.
(edit) @13842   6 years mevenson metadata+doc: Add Rudi Schlatte as a current committer.
(edit) @13815   6 years rschlatte Minor manual prettification.
(edit) @13805   6 years rschlatte Update bibliography with information from
(edit) @13802   6 years rschlatte Add Makefile for manual.
(edit) @13801   6 years rschlatte Make manual compile again. Also BibTeX-ify bibliography.
(edit) @13798   6 years mevenson Merge User manual from what we tagged as 1.0.1
(edit) @13749   6 years mevenson Manual updates for abcl-1.0.1.
(edit) @13719   6 years mevenson abcl-1.0.0: update manual with light refresh. (Unfinished) use spell …
(edit) @13702   7 years mevenson asdf-2.019 with patch to get around ticket #181.
(edit) @13699   7 years mevenson manual: the asdf-install system adds '~/.asdf-install-dir/systems/' to …
(edit) @13694   7 years mevenson Document how to render the User Manual as PDF.
(edit) @13690   7 years mevenson Changes corresponding to abcl-20111102a.pdf. Now generating LaTeX …
(edit) @13689   7 years mevenson First semi-working version of groveling ABCL docstrings into LaTeX. …
(edit) @13686   7 years mevenson Starting to grovel resonable Tex from the docstrings (unfinished).
(edit) @13685   7 years mevenson Manual: Use \code for symbols, not \textsc.
(edit) @13684   7 years mevenson Manual changes corresponding to abcl-20111101a.pdf. Use the built-in …
(edit) @13683   7 years mevenson Grinding through filling in the manual.
(edit) @13682   7 years mevenson First plausible implementation of docstring groveling (unfinished).
(edit) @13680   7 years mevenson Introspect docstrings from live ABCL image for the manual. …
(edit) @13679   7 years mevenson Minor manual revisions (in progress commit).
(edit) @13665   7 years mevenson User Manual rc1. Add table of contents.
(edit) @13660   7 years mevenson Merge from abcl-20111021b Draft from 1.0.x branch.
(edit) @13657   7 years ehuelsmann Change date of transfer of maintainership. Add description of more …
(edit) @13655   7 years mevenson Upgrade to ASDF
(edit) @13636   7 years mevenson Document the ABCL-ASDF contrib which dynamically loads JVM …
(edit) @13634   7 years mevenson Examples of JSS usage. Re-formatted JSR-223 constribution (Thanks …
(edit) @13631   7 years mevenson Clean out all the mouse droppings from the corners.
(edit) @13628   7 years mevenson Adjustments to voice and presentation in the manual.
(edit) @13627   7 years mevenson Manually wrap text for JAVA docstrings.
(edit) @13626   7 years astalla Manual: documented the JSR-223 implementation.
(edit) @13625   7 years ehuelsmann More documentation of the Java FFI.
(edit) @13624   7 years astalla Subsection on intended class and a few minor tweaks.
(edit) @13623   7 years ehuelsmann Add some documentation to the Java->Lisp and Lisp->Java sections.
(edit) @13622   7 years mevenson Documentation process for loading the SEQUENCE package. It would be …
(edit) @13620   7 years mevenson Escape # character which is apparently a macro in latex.
(edit) @13619   7 years mevenson More incremental progress.
(edit) @13618   7 years mevenson Clarify PATHNAME class hierarchy.
(edit) @13615   7 years mevenson The start of a recipe for grovelling the docstrings of a runnin ABCL …
(edit) @13614   7 years mevenson Render documentation for variables: Java null, true, and false literal …
(edit) @13613   7 years mevenson Differention symbols as to functions, generic functions, and macros. …
(edit) @13612   7 years mevenson Edit for more consistent voice.
(edit) @13611   7 years mevenson Start article describing the implementation of URL-PATHNAME.
(edit) @13610   7 years mevenson More grinding out the manual.
(edit) @13580   7 years mevenson ispell buffer.
(edit) @13579   7 years mevenson Document using Rhodes' extensible sequeunces for java.util.List.
(edit) @13577   7 years ehuelsmann Add D-M-C design notes.
(edit) @13455   7 years mevenson Document running ABCL in the manual.
(edit) @13438   7 years mevenson Manual renders to pdf via pdflatex.
(edit) @13437   7 years mevenson Working through manual printing issues (incomplete).
(edit) @13433   7 years mevenson Note that finalize-inheritance isn't a generic function.
(edit) @13417   7 years mevenson Upgrade to asdf-2.017.
(edit) @13415   7 years mevenson Don't print the #\Uxxxx representation for character codes greater …
(edit) @13379   7 years mevenson Note the presence of possible canidate for method-generic-function.
(edit) @13377   7 years mevenson Export symbols which are in the AMOP dictionary. …
(edit) @13375   7 years mevenson SET-FUNCALLABLE-INSTANCE-FUNCTION is a function.
(edit) @13372   7 years mevenson Document the extension to CLOS specialization for Java objects.
(edit) @13371   7 years mevenson Standard defintion of AMOP dictionary. To be compared with our …
(edit) @13353   7 years mevenson Fix problems with whitespace in JAR-PATHNAME. For dealing with URI …
(edit) @13341   7 years mevenson Add the correct symbols from the JAVA package.
(edit) @13338   7 years mevenson Add installation instructions. HEADS-UP: This file is guaranteed not …
(edit) @13335   7 years mevenson Fold freestanding documentation into the Manual.
(edit) @13334   7 years mevenson Start outlining highlights of Lisp's interactions with Java.
(edit) @13331   7 years mevenson Start outlining a manual. We go with LaTex? for source. I want: …
(edit) @13311   7 years mevenson Update to asdf-2.016.
(edit) @13254   7 years mevenson Reformat to 80 columns
(edit) @13253   7 years mevenson Upgrade to asdf-2.013.
(edit) @13125   7 years mevenson Upgrade to ASDF-2.012.
(edit) @13058   8 years mevenson Documentation for the URI encoding changes.
(edit) @12986   8 years mevenson Upgrade to ASDF-2.010.1.
(edit) @12765   8 years mevenson Update to ASDF-2.003 with local patches. Local patches differentiate …
(edit) @12655   8 years mevenson Update to ASDF 1.719 as recommended by ASDF developers.
(edit) @12618   8 years mevenson Incorporate an ASDF2 snapshot as the base ASDF.
(edit) @12613   8 years mevenson Document URL and jar pathname design changes.
(edit) @12607   8 years mevenson URL pathnames working for OPEN for built-in schemas. Still need to …
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