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(edit) @15464   11 months Mark Evenson abcl 1.8.0 metadata rc14 TODO manual needs much description about …
(edit) @15346   14 months Mark Evenson meta: trunk now build 1.7.2-dev artifacts
(edit) @15341   14 months Mark Evenson 1.7.1: metadata for abcl-1.7.1
(edit) @15322   16 months Mark Evenson meta: trunk now builds 1.7.1-dev artifacts
(edit) @15312   16 months Mark Evenson 1.7.0: release metadata
(edit) @15273   17 months Mark Evenson meta: mark as building abcl-1.6.2-dev
(edit) @15261   17 months Mark Evenson abcl-1.6.1: update version metadata for release Note CHANGES.
(edit) @15236   20 months Mark Evenson Denote building 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT in Maven POM
(edit) @15084   4 years Mark Evenson Miscellaneous fixups to source locations and documentation Build …
(edit) @15079   4 years Mark Evenson Mark source as building 1.6.0-dev
(edit) @15074   4 years Mark Evenson Release as 1.5.0
(edit) @15070   4 years Mark Evenson Maintenance on file structure Explicitly note which paragraph …
(edit) @15048   4 years Mark Evenson Build abcl-1.5.0-rc-1
(edit) @14900   5 years Mark Evenson metadata: denote source as 1.5.0-dev
(edit) @14892   5 years Mark Evenson metadata: publish all artifacts for 1.4.0 simultaneously Update the …
(edit) @14848   5 years Mark Evenson Maven publishes 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
(edit) @14847   5 years Mark Evenson Update maven artifact publishing information
(edit) @14615   8 years Mark Evenson Documentation & metadata updates prior to abcl-1.3.0 branch.
(edit) @14587   8 years Mark Evenson Transform (hopefully) all occurances of old URIs to …
(edit) @14540   8 years Mark Evenson abcl-1.3.0-dev: Update release identifiers.
(edit) @14270   9 years Mark Evenson Update POM version.
(edit) @13842   10 years Mark Evenson metadata+doc: Add Rudi Schlatte as a current committer.
(edit) @13809   10 years Mark Evenson maven: identify builds from trunk as '1.1.0-dev'.
(edit) @13756   10 years astalla Update POMs and readme for 1.0.1 release to Sonatype
(edit) @13606   10 years Mark Evenson Correct URL for http browsing ABCL source in Maven POM.
(edit) @13573   10 years Mark Evenson Update the Maven artifact descriptions produced as output.
(edit) @13259   10 years astalla Java method resolution algorithm used by JCALL extracted to a method …
(edit) @13224   11 years astalla Updared POM to reflect version 0.25.0-dev and added instructions for …
(edit) @13221   11 years astalla Fix LispClass?.subclassp(LispObject) used by register-java-exception. …
(add) @13213   11 years astalla Added Maven POM for deployment. Fixed a primitive class name in
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