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(edit) @11494   13 years Mark Evenson (dmiles) Fix SLIME compatibilit via STREAM type check value.
(edit) @11493   13 years ehuelsmann Fix READ-BYTE.ERROR.5 (interpreted version) which was broken since r11482.
(edit) @11482   13 years ehuelsmann Followup to r11467: STREAM wasn't in the original list of types. …
(edit) @11480   13 years ehuelsmann Revert r11472: somehow macro-expansion was influenced by it (badly). …
(edit) @11473   13 years ehuelsmann Set missing svn:eol-style and svn:keywords properties.
(edit) @11472   13 years ehuelsmann Eliminate the need for CompiledClosure?: duplicate …
(edit) @11470   13 years vvoutilainen Remove unnecessary backquote-comma from emit-ifne-for-eql.
(edit) @11469   13 years vvoutilainen Combine ifne instruction generation into a helper function for p2-eql.
(edit) @11468   13 years vvoutilainen Combine the shared functionality of generate-type-check-for-variable …
(edit) @11467   13 years vvoutilainen generate-type-check-for-value is very similar to …
(edit) @11466   13 years vvoutilainen Big refactoring for compile-form + maybe-emit-clear-values combinations.
(edit) @11465   13 years ehuelsmann Make clear difference between calling the template evaluator or …
(edit) @11464   13 years vvoutilainen Rename do-write-class-file to compile-and-write-to-file.
(edit) @11463   13 years vvoutilainen Helper function for repeating parts in class file generation.
(edit) @11462   13 years vvoutilainen Clean up generate-type-check-for-variable.
(edit) @11461   13 years ehuelsmann Document some functions.
(copy) @11457   13 years ehuelsmann Create separate project directories for ABCL and J.
copied from trunk/j/src/org/armedbear/lisp/compiler-pass2.lisp:
(add) @11455   13 years vvoutilainen Split up the compiler in three separate parts in preparation to …
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