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(edit) @14112   9 years ehuelsmann Use PROVIDE/REQUIRE to prevent multiple loading.
(edit) @14084   9 years rschlatte Robustify printing of partially-initialized generic function objects
(edit) @14012   9 years rschlatte Enable usage of method combinations with options - e.g., (defgeneric …
(edit) @14011   9 years rschlatte Robustify print-object of uninitialized class objects - avoid …
(edit) @13983   9 years rschlatte Implement find-method-combination - Store method combination as an …
(edit) @13930   9 years rschlatte Revert previous print-object change. ... better to find the root …
(edit) @13928   9 years rschlatte Better error reporting involving partially-initialized class metaobjects
(edit) @13814   9 years rschlatte implement classes standard-method, standard-reader-method in Lisp
(edit) @13378   10 years Mark Evenson PRINT-OBJECT shouldn't repeat the identity twice for STANDARD-OBJECT.
(edit) @13305   10 years ehuelsmann Remove PRINT-OBJECT method which masked java-side-implemented printing …
(edit) @12583   11 years astalla JAVA-CLASS metaclass reimplemented in Lisp.
(edit) @12379   11 years astalla Fixed print-object for JavaObjects? to call writeToString() on the object.
(edit) @11590   12 years astalla Merged the scripting branch, providing JSR-223 support and other new …
(edit) @11529   12 years Mark Evenson Revert inadvertent r11528.
(edit) @11528   12 years Mark Evenson Enable optional use of JFluid profiler.
(copy) @11457   13 years ehuelsmann Create separate project directories for ABCL and J.
copied from trunk/j/src/org/armedbear/lisp/print-object.lisp:
(edit) @11391   13 years vvoutilainen ABCL license is GPL + Classpath exception. This was intended by Peter …
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