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#191 Compiling SHARPSIGN SHARPSIGN form causes stack overflow ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.0 fixed
#216 JVM stack inconsistency triggered by compiler ehuelsmann defect blocker fixed
#265 COMPILE-FILE.2 COMPILE-FILE.2A ANSI regression ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.1.0-dev fixed
#168 Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus ehuelsmann defect major fixed
#235 Compiled cl+ssl sources not reloadable Mark Evenson defect major 1.1.0-dev fixed
#241 &rest and &aux can't coexist anymore in lambda lists ehuelsmann defect major fixed
#244 compile doesn't return correct values for warnings-p and failure-p ehuelsmann defect major 1.1.0 fixed
#60 Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly ehuelsmann defect minor fixed
#189 Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration ehuelsmann defect minor 1.0 fixed
#206 COMPILER-UNSUPPORTED-FEATURE-ERROR is derived from CONDITION, rather than from ERROR ehuelsmann defect minor fixed
#211 closure-common fails to load correctly after compilation Mark Evenson defect minor 1.1.0-dev worksforme
#214 Stack overflow when compiler macro with fallback is triggered ehuelsmann defect minor 1.0.1 fixed
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