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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#391 "bad place for a wild pathname" on EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY for NAME containing #\* Mark Evenson defect critical 1.5.0-dev

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#329 Restore ABCL.TEST.LISP::JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.1 Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.3.0-dev
#132 Inconsistent use of :case :common for pathnames Mark Evenson defect critical 0.24
#166 Stream wrapping streams conflict with pretty printer Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0
#133 Mixed case inconsistency in TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAMES Mark Evenson defect minor 0.24

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#327 Disambiguate URL-PATHNAME from logical pathnames ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.3.0-dev
#190 FORMAT DOLLARSIGN fails to handle rounding negative arguments ehuelsmann defect critical 1.0
#223 XP-STRUCTURE should be a proper subtype of STREAM ehuelsmann defect critical 1.2.0-dev
#248 Clearer error handling for toString throwing an exception ehuelsmann enhancement critical 1.1.0-dev
#297 Array elements aren't checked when setting specialized integer arrays ehuelsmann defect critical 1.2.0-dev
#298 Can't invoke a restart with a test ehuelsmann defect critical 1.2.0-dev
#460 upgraded-array-element-type/class-of for arrays defect critical 1.6.0-dev
#468 Overhaul of byte[] as java.nio.Buffer defect critical 1.7.0-dev
#50 Implement STEP ehuelsmann enhancement major
#281 cancel-finalization on an non-finalized object causes null pointer exception ehuelsmann defect major 1.2.0-dev
#283 (pathname-device (open #p"/dev/null")) => NIL ehuelsmann defect major 1.3.0-dev
#306 Implement VARIABLE-INFORMATION ehuelsmann enhancement major 1.2.0-dev
#335 CL:MAKE-PATHNAME doesn't support :back arguments defect major 1.2.1
#349 ANSI lacuna: interaction between SHARPSIGN-LEFT-PARENTHENSIS and backquote splice operator defect major 1.3.0-dev
#350 Pathnames with NAME of "*" cause an error defect major 1.4.0-dev
#358 DEFMACRO incorrect (un)dead-code-elimination in defect major 1.4.0-dev
#370 Failure to use ABCL as SBCL compilation host defect major 1.4.0-dev
#371 Problems with CL:WILD-PATHNAME-P defect major 1.4.0-dev
#389 RUN-PROGRAM should be in the EXTENSIONS package defect major 1.4.0-dev
#392 deftype doesn't accept dotted lambda-lists defect major 1.4.0-dev
#410 SUBTYPEP problems defect major 1.4.0-dev
#411 Logical Pathname mixed case problems defect major 1.4.0-dev
#421 Improve recording of source information for most kinds of definitions enhancement major 1.5.0-dev
#425 autoload-gen doesn't record methods, resulting in some common-lisp functions not working unless a function in defining file is first autoloaded defect major 1.5.0-dev
#438 something wrong with (function-lambda-expression (symbol-function 'lambda)) defect major
#459 Defsetf Lambda-Lists Don't Permit the &environment Parameter defect major 1.6.0-dev
#218 More Compreshensive Regression testing ehuelsmann enhancement minor 1.1.0-dev
#314 CL:FORMAT problems with ~F ehuelsmann defect minor 1.2.0-dev
#395 Reader mistakenly accepts multiply dotted forms such as (2 . 5 . x) defect minor 1.4.0-dev
#396 Implement package shortcut syntax to reader enhancement minor 1.4.0-dev
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