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#173 Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear Mark Evenson defect blocker interpreter 0.27
#191 Compiling SHARPSIGN SHARPSIGN form causes stack overflow ehuelsmann defect blocker compiler 1.0
#196 STABLE-SORT is only stable for lists ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter 1.0.1
#216 JVM stack inconsistency triggered by compiler ehuelsmann defect blocker compiler
#221 Stack exhaustion on invocation of function in non-existing package ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter
#234 ABCL-ASDF mvn errors with VERSION slot unbound Mark Evenson defect blocker ASDF 1.1.0-dev
#237 JNA fails to load blocking CFFI Mark Evenson defect blocker libraries 1.1.0-dev
#249 Problems under Ubuntu Mark Evenson defect blocker libraries 1.1.0-dev
#250 SYS:SHA256 does not compile ehuelsmann defect blocker build 1.1.0-dev
#265 COMPILE-FILE.2 COMPILE-FILE.2A ANSI regression ehuelsmann defect blocker compiler 1.1.0-dev
#268 ABCL-ASDF working with maven-3.0.3 Mark Evenson defect blocker libraries
#269 SLIME cannot browse systems with November Quicklisp somebody defect blocker other 1.1.0-dev
#270 Is BUGS.DEFEGENERIC.1 a valid test? rschlatte defect blocker (A)MOP 1.1.0-dev
#271 ASDF-2.26 changes synced upstream Mark Evenson defect blocker other 1.1.0-dev
#272 DESCRIBE.[14] ANSI regression rschlatte defect blocker (A)MOP 1.1.0-dev
#275 ABCL-CONTRIB still provided if abcl-contrib.jar cannot be located Mark Evenson defect blocker abcl-contrib 1.1.0-dev
#276 defmethod doesn't call add-method rschlatte defect blocker (A)MOP
#277 reinitialize-instance on class metaobjects incorrect rschlatte defect blocker (A)MOP
#113 DEFSTRUCT redefinition can crash ABCL on MAKE-STRUCT Mark Evenson defect critical java
#199 CL:DEFMETHOD fails for &AUX arguments that reference other arguments Mark Evenson defect critical CLOS 1.1.0-dev
#213 ABCL-ASDF breakage on trunk Mark Evenson defect critical interpreter 1.1.0-dev
#215 ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE should work in more (some?) cases Mark Evenson defect critical other 1.1.0-dev
#229 JSS method resolution failure Mark Evenson defect critical java 1.1.0-dev
#246 CFFI: dynamically generated classes referred from .fasl can not be found after ABCL restart Mark Evenson defect critical libraries 1.1.0-dev
#168 Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#180 Stack overflow memory conditions with lparallel Mark Evenson defect major other 1.0
#187 Stack Overflow for Worst-case Vector Sort nobody defect major java 1.0
#202 ENSURE-GENERIC-FUNCTION assumes LAMBDA-LIST is NIL ehuelsmann defect major (A)MOP 1.1.0-dev
#204 abcl-asdf maybe-parse-mvn ignores version information Mark Evenson defect major libraries 1.1.0-dev
#205 JSS logic for resolving methods a little wonky (could use better diagnostics on why resolution has failed) Mark Evenson defect major libraries 1.0.1
#207 DECLARE should signal conditions when type declarations are violated ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.1.0-dev
#210 Add JFLI to contrib Mark Evenson enhancement major libraries
#217 ANSI tests wont run on Revision 14011: /trunk/abcl rschlatte defect major build 1.1.0-dev
#219 Keyword argument checking for lambda lists is too lenient for ANSI ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.0.1
#220 Lambda list checking too lenient nobody defect major java 1.1.0-dev
#224 Autoloader fails when *read-XXXX* variables bound to non-standard values nobody defect major java 1.1.0-dev
#225 One of the paths in STD-COMPUTE-DISCRIMINATING function not working somebody defect major CLOS
#235 Compiled cl+ssl sources not reloadable Mark Evenson defect major compiler 1.1.0-dev
#241 &rest and &aux can't coexist anymore in lambda lists ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#243 ClassCastException in MAKE-PATHNAME Mark Evenson defect major java 1.1.0-dev
#244 compile doesn't return correct values for warnings-p and failure-p ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.1.0
#245 Slots of a class with a custom meta-class are reported as unbound. rschlatte defect major (A)MOP
#247 CFFI: $Proxy3 is not assignable to com.sun.jna.Pointer Mark Evenson defect major libraries 1.1.0-dev
#252 MOP rework broke profiler? ehuelsmann defect major (A)MOP 1.1.0-dev
#253 BABEL-TESTS fail to compile ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.1.0-dev
#254 Cannot load ASDF systems in jar archives with ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS-COMPATIBILTY enabled Mark Evenson defect major ASDF 1.1.0-dev
#255 ASDF file encoding specification doesn't work Mark Evenson defect major ASDF 1.1.0-dev
#262 fails to (require :jna) Mark Evenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.1.0-dev
#263 loading systems from abcl-contrib fails if CLASSPATH has a component with wildcard Mark Evenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.1.0-dev
#264 abcl-asdf.asd broken since revision 14233 Mark Evenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.1.0-dev
#60 Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly ehuelsmann defect minor compiler
#130 SLIME under Windows has "extra" CRLF Mark Evenson defect minor other
#159 COMPILE-FILE-16 and -17 failing for the wrong reason Mark Evenson defect minor java
#172 DOCUMENTATION does not work for generic functions ehuelsmann defect minor interpreter 0.27
#174 Conformance bug in time implementation when using SLIME Mark Evenson defect minor other 0.27
#175 abcl.release target fails occasionally unassigned defect minor build 0.27
#189 Compiler fails for 'unsigned-byte type declaration ehuelsmann defect minor compiler 1.0
#201 &WHOLE broken in DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION somebody defect minor CLOS 1.1.0-dev
#206 COMPILER-UNSUPPORTED-FEATURE-ERROR is derived from CONDITION, rather than from ERROR ehuelsmann defect minor compiler
#208 Files loaded via "--load <FILE>" on the command line have no pathname defaults ehuelsmann defect minor interpreter 1.1.0-dev
#211 closure-common fails to load correctly after compilation Mark Evenson defect minor compiler 1.1.0-dev
#214 Stack overflow when compiler macro with fallback is triggered ehuelsmann defect minor compiler 1.0.1
#232 Allow wrapper script to reference install directory instead of build directory Mark Evenson enhancement minor build 1.1.0-dev
#192 ASDF::IMPLEMENTATION-IDENTIFIER contains ABCL build environment identifier Mark Evenson defect trivial ASDF 1.0.1
#195 prompt is displayed twice when evaluating NIL at the REPL vvoutilainen defect trivial interpreter
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