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#344 DIRECTORY with :WILD-INFERIOR broken defect blocker interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#257 ASDF:MVN components always retrieves LATEST artifacts Mark Evenson defect critical abcl-contrib 1.1.0-dev
#273 compiler macro, flet, inline => Failed AVER: "NIL" ehuelsmann defect critical compiler 1.2.0-dev
#324 Package.findPackage() no longer exists nobody defect major java 1.3.0-dev
#328 ABCL-ASDF not working with maven-3.1.0 Mark Evenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.3.0-dev
#334 Forms evaluated with `--eval` not in a "correct" interpreter environment defect major other 1.3.0-dev
#340 DIRECTORY applied to symbolic links with non-existent targets returns errors defect major interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#341 DIRECTORY with :resolve-symlinks T still returns the TRUENAME of the link defect major interpreter 1.2.1
#342 missing default method for gray-streams:stream-finish-output defect major streams 1.3.0-dev
#347 Java FFI conversion of arrays is inconsistent between call and return types defect major interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#127 SLIME fails to EXTENSION:QUIT Mark Evenson defect minor interpreter 0.24
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