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#233 Evaluation of (DIRECTORY "/*/") fails mevenson defect blocker java 1.1.0-dev
#316 Errors when compiling NTH with type mismatches somebody defect blocker interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#325 PACKAGE-ERROR-PACKAGE fails to return package designator for unknown package ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#413 CFFI foreign-alloc breaks abcl defect blocker other 1.4.0-dev
#443 ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME effectively ignores TIME-ZONE argument mevenson defect blocker interpreter 1.5.0-dev
#258 Compiler bug in call to MAX ehuelsmann defect critical compiler 1.1.0
#415 Fixes to compiler to record source information mevenson enhancement major compiler
#417 Bug in CL:DESTRUCTURING-BIND defect major interpreter
#418 maven-embedder needs maven on classpath in order to compile defect major abcl-contrib 1.5.0-dev
#419 getFunctionClassBytes for CompiledClosures defect major compiler 1.5.0-dev
#420 Add ability to optimize function calls with lambda in function position. Use it to optimize jss enhancement major compiler 1.5.0-dev
#424 ABCL-ASDF doesn't set Maven path correctly on Fedora defect major libraries 1.5.0-dev
#433 merge-pathnames blocks error signal? defect major interpreter 1.5.0-dev
#439 Quicklisp RFC2388 case of no meaningful error defect major streams 1.5.0-dev
#444 Attempt to throw to the nonexistent tag DUPLICATABLE-CODE-P ??? defect major interpreter 1.5.0-dev
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