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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#422 SYSTEM:RUN-PROGRAM does not work on Java 6 mevenson defect blocker interpreter 1.4.0
#432 CL:OPEN on URL-PATHNAME does not redirect across different schemes mevenson defect blocker streams 1.5.0-dev
#436 feature request maven exclude dependency mevenson enhancement blocker other 1.6.0-dev
#197 JAR-PATHNAME errors and ambiguities mevenson defect critical interpreter 1.0.1
#259 JAVA:JSTATIC cannot always be invoked properly mevenson defect critical java 1.1.0-dev
#391 "bad place for a wild pathname" on EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY for NAME containing #\* mevenson defect critical interpreter 1.5.0-dev
#346 runtime-class constructors not supported mevenson defect major java 1.3.0-dev
#448 QUICKLISP-ABCL load under Netbeans has the idea that Quicklisp is packaged in a Jar mevenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.5.0-dev

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#55 Clearing LispThread.currentThread()._values more efficiently ehuelsmann enhancement blocker compiler 1.2.0-dev
#166 Stream wrapping streams conflict with pretty printer mevenson defect blocker libraries 1.1.0
#188 READ can't read from gray streams no-one defect blocker libraries 1.1.0
#319 ABCL-CONTRIB should fallback to network load. mevenson defect blocker libraries 1.2.0-dev
#322 Update contrib for abcl-1.5.0 mevenson defect blocker abcl-contrib 1.2.0-dev
#329 Restore ABCL.TEST.LISP::JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.1 mevenson defect blocker interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#330 Finish java:jnew-runtime-class implementation mevenson defect blocker java 1.3.0-dev
#337 PROBE-FILE for jar file entries accessed via http fails mevenson defect blocker interpreter 1.2.1-dev
#118 Lisp.getUpgradedElementType returns more types than supported by '' unassigned defect critical libraries 1.1.0
#132 Inconsistent use of :case :common for pathnames mevenson defect critical interpreter 0.24
#301 Source locations should use a logical pathname not-assigned defect critical other 1.2.0-dev
#30 Lisp debugger, for both compiled and interpreted code unassigned enhancement major other
#155 ABCL fails to start with '#' in Path mevenson defect major other 0.24
#222 Deprecate Debug.assertXXXX() defect major other
#230 Implement macro expansions for custom special operators to support generic code walkers not-assigned enhancement major libraries 1.1.0
#231 DEFSTRUCT accessor functions overwrite accessors in :INCLUDEd structs not-assigned defect major libraries 1.2.0-dev
#240 FIND-CLASS does not implement 3-argument behavior ehuelsmann defect major CLOS 1.2.0-dev
#317 LOOP estimate-code-size problem not-assigned defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#338 read-invoke #" reader-macro doesn't work for top level forms mevenson defect major libraries 1.3.0-dev
#378 abcl-asdf: Specifying location of maven libs needs to be cleaner mevenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.4.0-dev
#384 Binary release has no invocation wrapper mevenson defect major other 1.4.0-dev
#412 Using FASLs from a Jar mevenson defect major other 1.4.0-dev
#435 bug in maven resolve? mevenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.5.0-dev
#447 manual: Compile to Java 5 Bytecode mevenson defect major other 1.5.0
#133 Mixed case inconsistency in TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAMES mevenson defect minor interpreter 0.24
#239 DEFGENERIC with unsuitable :generic-function-class gives incomprehensible error rschlatte defect minor CLOS 1.2.0-dev
#242 Unused &key arguments in defmethod forms should not cause style-warnings rschlatte defect minor compiler 1.2.0-dev

Status: closed (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#326 abcl cannot be compiled with Java5 unassigned defect blocker java 1.3.0-dev

Status: new (64 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#267 MAKE-CONCATENATED-STREAM.30 ANSI regression ehuelsmann defect blocker compiler 1.1.0-dev
#278 closer-mop:class-finalized-p returns t without ever running finalize-inheritance method ehuelsmann defect blocker (A)MOP 1.2.0-dev
#327 Disambiguate URL-PATHNAME from logical pathnames ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#426 Create abcl-aio instructions for user to accept potentially infringing license terms mevenson enhancement blocker other 1.5.0-dev
#440 Integrate abcl-introspect with upstream SLIME task blocker libraries
#137 CLtL2 environment support ehuelsmann enhancement critical compiler 1.3.0-dev
#190 FORMAT DOLLARSIGN fails to handle rounding negative arguments ehuelsmann defect critical interpreter 1.0
#223 XP-STRUCTURE should be a proper subtype of STREAM ehuelsmann defect critical interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#248 Clearer error handling for toString throwing an exception ehuelsmann enhancement critical interpreter 1.1.0-dev
#297 Array elements aren't checked when setting specialized integer arrays ehuelsmann defect critical interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#298 Can't invoke a restart with a test ehuelsmann defect critical interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#320 ABCL-ASDF should find abcl.asd over the network mevenson defect critical libraries 1.2.0-dev
#387 Implement classfile (50 0) Verifier enhancement critical compiler 1.4.0-dev
#8 Support for easier (web) deployment somebody enhancement major other
#169 Conformance with section (externalized objects in COMPILE-FILE) ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.2.0-dev
#281 cancel-finalization on an non-finalized object causes null pointer exception ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#283 (pathname-device (open #p"/dev/null")) => NIL ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#286 #+nil(a . ) fails somebody defect major other 1.3.0-dev
#287 Circular structures overflow the stack even though there's a print-object method somebody defect major other 1.3.0-dev
#291 Compiler-macros and symbol-macros ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.3.0-dev
#292 Large generated functions problems ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.3.0-dev
#305 Slow writing to binary streams mevenson enhancement major streams 1.3.0-dev
#306 Implement VARIABLE-INFORMATION ehuelsmann enhancement major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#315 Hash tables as literal objects in compiled files ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.1.1-dev
#318 progv with fewer values doesn't unbind variables somebody defect major other 1.2.0-dev
#323 Problems in CL-STORE's use of FLEXI-STREAMS trying to run jfarm nobody defect major java 1.3.0-dev
#331 user-defined allocate-instance method is not called at all defect major (A)MOP 1.2.1
#332 slot-missing is called with a slot-name of nil defect major (A)MOP 1.2.1
#333 update-dependent is not being applied to its keyword arguments defect major (A)MOP 1.2.1
#335 CL:MAKE-PATHNAME doesn't support :back arguments defect major interpreter 1.2.1
#349 ANSI lacuna: interaction between SHARPSIGN-LEFT-PARENTHENSIS and backquote splice operator defect major interpreter 1.3.0-dev
#350 Pathnames with NAME of "*" cause an error defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#351 Compiler loses lexical macro in (eval-when (:compile-toplevel ...)) defect major compiler 1.4.0-dev
#353 Compiling inline recursive function definition exhausts stack defect major compiler 1.4.0-dev
#354 EXTENSIONS:PROBE-DIRECTORY fails when the directory name has wildcard characters defect major java 1.4.0-dev
#357 cl-containers reveals bug likely latent with make-load-saving-form and FASLs defect major CLOS 1.3.0-dev
#358 DEFMACRO incorrect (un)dead-code-elimination in defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#363 Better diagnostics/strategy when Maven is not present defect major abcl-contrib 1.4.0-dev
#370 Failure to use ABCL as SBCL compilation host defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#371 Problems with CL:WILD-PATHNAME-P defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#373 Two-way-streams and gray streams defect major streams 1.4.0-dev
#374 Document IP6 Interfaces defect major java 1.4.0-dev
#377 DRAKMA:HTTP-REQUEST failing with #<FLEXI-STREAMS:FLEXI-IO-STREAM {1254E5CE}> is not of type STREAM defect major compiler 1.4.0-dev
#382 Error compiling com.informatimago.common-lisp.unix.option defect major compiler 1.3.1
#383 Build standalone JARs which contain additional application code enhancement major other 1.4.0-dev
#385 Compiler style warning on specials annoying defect major compiler 1.4.0-dev
#389 RUN-PROGRAM should be in the EXTENSIONS package defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#392 deftype doesn't accept dotted lambda-lists defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#393 Enable Maven build enhancement major build 1.4.0-dev
#394 Add information about mailing list to FAQ task major other 1.4.0-dev
#397 Compiler error defect major compiler 1.4.0-dev
#404 Problems with binding to local addresses defect major libraries 1.4.0-dev
#405 Load abcl packaged with pgloader with JDBC in one jar mevenson defect major other
#408 SYSTEM::STREAM-CHARPOS and CL:FRESH-LINE problems with SYNONYM-STREAM defect major (A)MOP 1.4.0-dev
#410 SUBTYPEP problems defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#411 Logical Pathname mixed case problems defect major interpreter 1.4.0-dev
#421 Improve recording of source information for most kinds of definitions enhancement major interpreter 1.5.0-dev
#423 Changes for Java9 defect major java
#425 autoload-gen doesn't record methods, resulting in some common-lisp functions not working unless a function in defining file is first autoloaded defect major interpreter 1.5.0-dev
#441 Document abcl-introspect defect major other 1.5.0-dev
#442 Document abcl-aio defect major build 1.5.0-dev
#446 bogus type specifiers are allowed in handler-bind cases defect major compiler 1.5.0-dev
#449 r15085 fails abcl/test/ansi/compiled three DEFGENERIC tests defect major CLOS 1.6.0-dev
#450 Structure redefinition warning for closure-common defect major java
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