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#15 compilation of forms with keywords having the same name as special variables fails somebody defect major other 1.0
#17 SLIME: Invoking TOP-LEVEL restart always terminates connection somebody defect minor other
#19 SLIME from CVS HEAD needs 'with-mutex.lisp' ehuselmann defect major other
#21 Compilation failure from stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.0
#46 Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN ehuselmann defect major compiler 1.0
#61 Compilation of THE with DEFTYPE ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.0
#62 CLOS checking of MAKE-INSTANCE argument checking fails somebody defect major CLOS 1.0
#63 Attempt to GO to tag whose dynamic extent has ended exits ABCL Mark Evenson defect major other 1.0
#102 Wrapper scripts should honor CLASSPATH environment variables. Mark Evenson defect major other 1.0
#103 DOCUMENTATION doesn't seem to autoload properly nobody defect minor libraries 0.21
#26 Multi-thread safety somebody enhancement major other
#80 REQUIRE should work with ASDF Mark Evenson enhancement major libraries 1.0
#88 Predicate to distinguish between functions implemented directly in Java vs. Lisp nobody enhancement minor java
#33 Measure the impact of filling stack trace information when performing GO/RETURN/THROW somebody task minor other 1.0
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