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#198 Hunchentoot run failure Mark Evenson defect critical compiler 1.1.0-dev
#212 ABCL problems with cl-test-grid Mark Evenson defect major other 1.0.1
#266 PSETF.47 ANSI regression nobody defect blocker java 1.1.0-dev
#290 Compiling (defvar *foo* '(quote . x)) throws an error vvoutilainen defect major compiler
#293 Loop and default value for of-type problem somebody defect major java 1.2.0-dev
#294 Reader doesn't recognize terminating characters in some cases ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#295 SWANK-BACKEND:SLIME-INSPECT assertion violation on symbol whose function is an Autoload object ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#296 SLIME fails to initialize with (SETF DOCUMENTATION) undefined ehuelsmann defect blocker interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#299 ABCL-ASDF:MVN components not loading Mark Evenson defect major abcl-contrib 1.2.0-dev
#228 Need to implement autoloader facility for SETF functions nobody enhancement major java
#284 checks in ensure-generic-function-using-class should occur later rschlatte enhancement blocker (A)MOP 1.2.0-dev
#288 Control character names vvoutilainen enhancement major other
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