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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#330 Finish java:jnew-runtime-class implementation assigned nobody defect critical 1.9.2
#99 Add documentation for lisp->java interface functions assigned mseddon task major unscheduled
#145 Support running ABCL on JamVM new nobody defect major unscheduled
#323 Problems in CL-STORE's use of FLEXI-STREAMS trying to run jfarm new nobody defect major 1.9.2
#346 runtime-class constructors not supported accepted Mark Evenson defect major 1.9.2
#354 EXTENSIONS:PROBE-DIRECTORY fails when the directory name has wildcard characters new defect major 1.9.2
#374 Document IP6 Interfaces new defect major 1.9.2
#423 Changes for Java9 new defect major 1.9.2
#450 Structure redefinition warning for closure-common new defect major 1.9.2
#452 Pathname functions do the wrong thing when faced with actual filename with embedded asterisk new defect major 1.9.2
#458 Extend JAVA FFI to allow access to non-public methods new enhancement major 1.9.2
#184 Normalize all assertions to runtime switch new nobody task minor unscheduled
#480 SYS:PROCESS-PID fails new defect minor 1.9.2
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