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#188 READ can't read from gray streams assigned gray-streams streams beyond-ansi CL:READ no-one defect blocker
#319 ABCL-CONTRIB should fallback to network load. assigned ansi-cl Mark Evenson defect blocker
#118 Lisp.getUpgradedElementType returns more types than supported by '' accepted nio encodings needs-test ansi-conformance Mark Evenson defect critical
#132 Inconsistent use of :case :common for pathnames assigned ansi-conformance pathname needs-tests ansi_correctness Mark Evenson defect critical
#137 CLtL2 environment support new cltl2-conformance contemporary beyond-ansi ehuelsmann enhancement critical
#190 FORMAT DOLLARSIGN fails to handle rounding negative arguments new ansi-conformance ehuelsmann defect critical
#349 ANSI lacuna: interaction between SHARPSIGN-LEFT-PARENTHENSIS and backquote splice operator new ansi lacunae defect major
#371 Problems with CL:WILD-PATHNAME-P new ansi-compliance defect major
#374 Document IP6 Interfaces new beyond-ansi defect major
#449 r15085 fails abcl/test/ansi/compiled three DEFGENERIC tests new abcl/test/ansi/compiled clos defect major
#133 Mixed case inconsistency in TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAMES assigned has-test ansi-conformance Mark Evenson defect minor
#314 CL:FORMAT problems with ~F new ansi-conformance ehuelsmann defect minor
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