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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#319 ABCL-CONTRIB should fallback to network load. assigned defect blocker 1.9.2 abcl-contrib
#329 Restore ABCL.TEST.LISP::JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.1 assigned defect blocker 1.9.2 interpreter
#426 Create abcl-aio instructions for user to accept potentially infringing license terms new enhancement blocker 1.9.2 other
#118 Lisp.getUpgradedElementType returns more types than supported by '' accepted defect critical 1.9.2 libraries
#132 Inconsistent use of :case :common for pathnames assigned defect critical 1.9.2 interpreter
#166 Stream wrapping streams conflict with pretty printer assigned defect critical 1.9.2 interpreter
#320 ABCL-ASDF should find abcl.asd over the network new defect critical 1.9.2 libraries
#391 "bad place for a wild pathname" on EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY for NAME containing #\* accepted defect critical 1.9.2 interpreter
#155 ABCL fails to start with '#' in Path assigned defect major 1.9.2 other
#185 hunchentoot with ssl fails to load correctly new defect major unscheduled libraries
#186 org.armedbear.lisp.IntegrityError means you need to check out how ABCL is finding boot.lisp new defect major unscheduled other
#305 Slow writing to binary streams new enhancement major 1.9.2 streams
#322 Fix ABCL-ASDF:RESOLVE to be more DWIM assigned defect major 1.9.2 abcl-contrib
#346 runtime-class constructors not supported accepted defect major 1.9.2 java
#378 abcl-asdf: Specifying location of maven libs needs to be cleaner assigned defect major 1.9.2 abcl-contrib
#384 Binary release has no invocation wrapper assigned defect major 1.9.2 other
#405 Load abcl packaged with pgloader with JDBC in one jar new defect major 1.9.2 other
#435 bug in maven resolve? assigned defect major 1.9.2 abcl-contrib
#436 feature request maven exclude dependency accepted enhancement major 1.9.2 other
#133 Mixed case inconsistency in TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAMES assigned defect minor 1.9.2 interpreter
#149 Cannot load ASDF systems from *.asd definition in base of JAR hierarchy new defect minor unscheduled other
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