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#56 Eliminate use of temporary files in COMPILE-FILE reopened ehuelsmann enhancement unscheduled compiler
#167 series fails to compile new ehuelsmann defect 1.9.2 compiler
#218 More Compreshensive Regression testing new ehuelsmann enhancement 1.9.2 interpreter
#238 Bad error when reading #S(...) for a partially defined structure new ehuelsmann defect 1.9.2 compiler
#314 CL:FORMAT problems with ~F new ehuelsmann defect 1.9.2 interpreter
#133 Mixed case inconsistency in TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAMES assigned Mark Evenson defect 1.9.2 interpreter
#149 Cannot load ASDF systems from *.asd definition in base of JAR hierarchy new Mark Evenson defect unscheduled other
#65 UTF-32 strings support new nobody defect 1.9.2 libraries
#184 Normalize all assertions to runtime switch new nobody task unscheduled java
#239 DEFGENERIC with unsuitable :generic-function-class gives incomprehensible error assigned rschlatte defect 1.9.2 CLOS
#242 Unused &key arguments in defmethod forms should not cause style-warnings assigned rschlatte defect 1.9.2 compiler
#10 Implementation of CDR5 (sub-interval numerical types) new somebody enhancement unscheduled other
#16 Re-evaluation of DEFPACKAGE form is ignored new somebody enhancement unscheduled other
#87 input history for REPL new somebody enhancement unscheduled other
#178 Replace source path with logical pathnames new somebody enhancement unscheduled other
#313 (COERCE 3 '(FLOAT * *)) fails new somebody defect 1.9.2 other
#478 Command-line option to terminate process on unhandled errors new enhancement 1.9.2 other
#480 SYS:PROCESS-PID fails new defect 1.9.2 java
#482 LOADing .abcl file with *READ-BASE* bound fails new defect other
#343 interactively evaluated or compiled functions don't get arglist saved new defect interpreter
#366 ABCL-JAR tmp directory usage seems conflicting new defect 1.9.2 abcl-contrib
#395 Reader mistakenly accepts multiply dotted forms such as (2 . 5 . x) new defect 1.9.2 interpreter
#396 Implement package shortcut syntax to reader new enhancement 1.9.2 interpreter
#398 Cannot muffle COMPILE new defect 1.9.2 compiler
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