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#432 CL:OPEN on URL-PATHNAME does not redirect across different schemes assigned nobody defect critical 1.9.0
#425 autoload-gen doesn't record methods, resulting in some common-lisp functions not working unless a function in defining file is first autoloaded new defect major 1.9.0
#435 bug in maven resolve? assigned Mark Evenson defect major 1.9.0
#436 feature request maven exclude dependency accepted Mark Evenson enhancement major 1.9.0
#438 something wrong with (function-lambda-expression (symbol-function 'lambda)) new defect major 1.9.0
#457 namestring of file:// pathnames loses fragment new defect major 1.8.1
#458 Extend JAVA FFI to allow access to non-public methods new enhancement major 1.8.1
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