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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#327 Disambiguate URL-PATHNAME from logical pathnames new ehuelsmann defect blocker 1.9.3
#329 Restore ABCL.TEST.LISP::JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.1 assigned Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.9.3
#137 CLtL2 environment support new ehuelsmann enhancement critical 1.9.3
#330 Finish java:jnew-runtime-class implementation assigned nobody defect critical 1.9.3
#283 (pathname-device (open #p"/dev/null")) => NIL new ehuelsmann defect major 1.9.3
#286 #+nil(a . ) fails new somebody defect major 1.9.3
#287 Circular structures overflow the stack even though there's a print-object method new somebody defect major 1.9.3
#291 Compiler-macros and symbol-macros new ehuelsmann defect major 1.9.3
#292 Large generated functions problems new ehuelsmann defect major 1.9.3
#305 Slow writing to binary streams new Mark Evenson enhancement major 1.9.3
#323 Problems in CL-STORE's use of FLEXI-STREAMS trying to run jfarm new nobody defect major 1.9.3
#346 runtime-class constructors not supported accepted Mark Evenson defect major 1.9.3
#349 ANSI lacuna: interaction between SHARPSIGN-LEFT-PARENTHENSIS and backquote splice operator new defect major 1.9.3
#357 cl-containers reveals bug likely latent with make-load-saving-form and FASLs new defect major 1.9.3
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