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#426 Create abcl-aio instructions for user to accept potentially infringing license terms new Mark Evenson enhancement blocker 1.9.2
#391 "bad place for a wild pathname" on EXT:PROBE-DIRECTORY for NAME containing #\* accepted Mark Evenson defect critical 1.9.2
#432 CL:OPEN on URL-PATHNAME does not redirect across different schemes assigned nobody defect critical 1.9.2
#421 Improve recording of source information for most kinds of definitions new enhancement major 1.9.2
#425 autoload-gen doesn't record methods, resulting in some common-lisp functions not working unless a function in defining file is first autoloaded new defect major 1.9.2
#435 bug in maven resolve? assigned Mark Evenson defect major 1.9.2
#441 Document abcl-introspect new defect major 1.9.2
#442 Document abcl-aio new defect major 1.9.2
#452 Pathname functions do the wrong thing when faced with actual filename with embedded asterisk new defect major 1.9.2
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