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#460 upgraded-array-element-type/class-of for arrays new defect critical 1.9.2
#436 feature request maven exclude dependency accepted Mark Evenson enhancement major 1.9.2
#449 r15085 fails abcl/test/ansi/compiled three DEFGENERIC tests new defect major 1.9.2
#459 Defsetf Lambda-Lists Don't Permit the &environment Parameter new defect major 1.9.2
#461 Build failure via use of an implementation beyond Java 8 needs to be caught new defect major 1.9.2
#466 Use optional CL:REQUIRE parameter for pathnames with URIs new enhancement major 1.9.2
#467 Unable to load ISI's Powerloom (2010) new defect major 1.9.2
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