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#477 COMPILE-FILE not doing minimal compilation in DEFCONSTANT/DEFPARAMETER/DEFVAR new defect major 1.9.2
#478 Command-line option to terminate process on unhandled errors new enhancement minor 1.9.2
#479 CLOS MOP bug in 1.8.0 new defect major 1.9.2
#480 SYS:PROCESS-PID fails new defect minor 1.9.2
#482 LOADing .abcl file with *READ-BASE* bound fails new defect minor
#483 Failed JVM:OFFSET assertion compiling Maxima <file:///maxima-code/share/odepack/load-dlsode.lisp> new defect major 1.9.2
#486 Deployments from abcl-aio.jar can't find ABCL-CONTRIB new defect major 1.9.2
#487 Compiler macro called for functions declared NOTINLINE new defect major 1.9.2
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