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#165 pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive somebody defect critical 1.2.0-dev 10 years ago
#412 Using FASLs from a Jar Mark Evenson defect major 1.4.0-dev 5 years ago
#470 run-program issues with OpenJDK 11 defect major 1.7.1-dev 9 months ago
#472 CL:DIRECTORY with wildcard in name defect major 1.7.2-dev 8 months ago
#474 Regression, immediately invoked function expressions defect major 1.7.1-dev 6 months ago
#456 SYSTEM:AVAILABLE-ENCODINGS symbols strangeness Mark Evenson defect minor 3 years ago
#471 LOOP destructures non-conformingly defect minor 1.7.2-dev 8 months ago

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#445 abcl test fails on trunk defect major 4 years ago
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