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#200 ABCL compiler fails to produce loadable fasl for XPATH ehuelsmann defect blocker compiler 1.1.0
#321 ASDF 3.01 Mark Evenson defect blocker libraries 1.2.0-dev
#256 Compilation failure in com.informatimago ehuelsmann defect critical compiler 1.1.0-dev
#274 (ql:quickload "com.informatimago.common-lisp.cesarum") hangs [> 10 minutes] ehuelsmann defect critical compiler 1.1.0
#5 CLOS reimplementation to support a MOP (preferably AMOP) rschlatte enhancement major CLOS
#32 Modify the currently disabled runtime-class.lisp code to not require ASM somebody enhancement major other
#152 ql:closer-mop doesn't work Evenson Not Org defect major CLOS 1.1.0
#203 Failure as build host for SBCL somebody defect major other 1.1.0-dev
#300 Gray streams aren't streams Mark Evenson defect major streams 1.2.0-dev
#302 Symbols fail to autoload somebody defect major other 1.2.0-dev
#303 CL:LOAD ignores :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#304 Stack abstraction inconsistency between Java and Lisp frames ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#308 Compiled FLET exhausts the stack ehuelsmann defect major compiler 1.2.0-dev
#309 Printer should obey package-local nicknames rschlatte defect major other 1.2.0-dev
#310 Invocation of tests from from build.xml broken ehuelsmann defect major build 1.2.0-dev
#311 UIOP fails to upgrade ehuelsmann defect major interpreter 1.2.0-dev
#312 BORDEAUX-THREADS-TEST::CONDITION-VARIABLE hangs ehuelsmann defect major (A)MOP 1.2.0-dev
#126 Provide mechanism for user to extend Java classes via Lisp nobody task minor java 1.0
#153 Rewrite JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS nobody task minor java 0.24
#282 Spurious macros redefinition warnings ehuelsmann defect minor compiler 1.2.0-dev
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