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#160 Printing objects with "#<" in their readable representation fail to print readably somebody defect major CLOS
#116 Installing cl-unicode via quicklisp fails ehuelsmann defect critical compiler
#162 Compilation of incorrect SETQ form leads to broken class file ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#122 printObject() infrastructure doesn't support *PRINT-CIRCLE* nobody defect major java
#131 LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION with svn information breaks SLIME. Mark Evenson defect minor java
#157 0.26 ansi-test regressions nobody defect minor libraries
#158 Printing "#<abc>" fails when *PRINT-READABLY* non-NIL nobody defect major libraries
#124 Failure to be an SBCL build host Mark Evenson defect major other 0.27
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