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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Handling of special variables somebody defect major other
#4 Current CLOS implementation speed improvements somebody defect major other
#6 Wildcards for (directory) don't work with symbolic links vvoutilainen defect major other
#7 SLIME support (delivered with ABCL) needs updating ehuelsmann defect minor other
#13 Support for (FLEXI-STREAMS-like) :external-format somebody defect major other
#15 compilation of forms with keywords having the same name as special variables fails somebody defect major 0.22 other
#17 SLIME: Invoking TOP-LEVEL restart always terminates connection somebody defect minor 0.22 other
#19 SLIME from CVS HEAD needs 'with-mutex.lisp' ehuselmann defect major 0.22 other
#20 GRAY-STREAMS breaks ASDF loading somebody defect critical other
#21 Compilation failure from stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#22 keyword parameters by same name as global variable somebody defect major other
#23 RETURN handled differently in interpreted and compiled code somebody defect major other
#25 Variable scoping issues somebody defect major other
#28 Adjustable array not adjustable somebody defect major other
#36 Adding missing overrides - Everywhere missing somebody defect major 0.13 other
#37 The Lisp based build system should be aligned with build.xml Mark Evenson defect major 0.14 other
#38 CLOS :metaclass support ehuelsmann defect major 0.20 other
#39 subcomponent match for DIRECTORY vvoutilainen defect major 0.13 other
#40 Non-constant function-argument initforms ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#42 TRACE of FORMAT blows up the stack somebody defect major 0.13 other
#46 Compilation failure from several numeric arguments to MIN ehuselmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#47 toplevel TRACE form cannot be compiled Mark Evenson defect major 0.13 compiler
#48 SLIME CVS HEAD as of 2008-12-30 broken Mark Evenson defect major 0.13 other
#52 Install lastSpecialBinding "finally" handler ehuelsmann defect critical compiler
#53 CATCH.6 ANSI test failure ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#54 pprint.lisp incompatible with gray-streams.lisp somebody defect major other
#57 Eliminate the use of writeToString for condition creation somebody defect critical other
#60 Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 compiler
#61 Compilation of THE with DEFTYPE ehuelsmann defect major 0.22 compiler
#62 CLOS checking of MAKE-INSTANCE argument checking fails somebody defect major 0.22 CLOS
#63 Attempt to GO to tag whose dynamic extent has ended exits ABCL Mark Evenson defect major 0.22 other
#64 Caught (general) exceptions not rethrown everywhere somebody defect major 0.18 other
#69 Gray stream compatibility somebody defect major 0.26 other
#71 Stream line counter broken nobody defect major 0.18 libraries
#75 Character \U0080 causes infinite loop nobody defect major libraries
#77 FASLs use wrong encoding: system default ehuelsmann defect critical 0.18 compiler
#78 Include ASDF-INSTALL in base ABCL Mark Evenson defect minor unscheduled libraries
#79 Identically named gensymed coalesced into same object in fasl file ehuelsmann defect major compiler
#82 TRANSLATE-PATHNAME failure Mark Evenson defect minor other
#84 jcall and t/nil boolean arguments nobody defect minor 1.3.1 java
#85 CL-JSON throws an error under ABCL where SBCL doesn't. Mark Evenson defect major 0.19 compiler
#86 No restarts available on error in thread nobody defect major 0.20 libraries
#89 compiler stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect critical 0.21 compiler
#92 Characters created with invalid code points nobody defect major 0.20 libraries
#93 reader does not respect (values) from reader macros somebody defect major other
#96 Lambda list &rest interpreter error ehuelsmann defect minor 0.26 interpreter
#97 (apropos "MAKE-THREAD") prints MAKE-THREAD twice nobody defect major libraries
#98 the THREAD type isn't exported from the THREADS package nobody defect major 0.23 libraries
#100 Pathname #P reader does not reliably deserialize PATHNAMEs across Windows/non-Windows somebody defect major other
#101 lambda list checking optimizes away dispatch macros which return nil somebody defect major other
#102 Wrapper scripts should honor CLASSPATH environment variables. Mark Evenson defect major 0.22 other
#103 DOCUMENTATION doesn't seem to autoload properly nobody defect minor 0.22 libraries
#104 SET works with symbols defined with DEFCONSTANT ehuelsmann defect major 0.23 interpreter
#105 DIRECTORY ignores :WILD-INFERIORS Mark Evenson defect minor 0.23 other
#106 DEFSTRUCT :include with :conc-name nobody defect major libraries
#107 (setf (values (struct-slot struct)) (values 42)) fails somebody defect major compiler
#108 ASDF-INSTALL fails to download Mark Evenson defect major unscheduled libraries
#109 When TPL::REPL is unavailable, the debugger kills the entire application astalla defect major 0.24 libraries
#110 #\+ in JAR pathnames does not work Mark Evenson defect minor other
#111 ABCL fails to run on JRockit somebody defect major CLOS
#113 DEFSTRUCT redefinition can crash ABCL on MAKE-STRUCT Mark Evenson defect critical 1.1.0 java
#114 Strange backtrace growth somebody defect major other
#116 Installing cl-unicode via quicklisp fails ehuelsmann defect critical 0.27 compiler
#117 Compiler stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major unscheduled compiler
#119 Unexpected CLOS shared slot initialization order analysis defect major unscheduled CLOS
#122 printObject() infrastructure doesn't support *PRINT-CIRCLE* nobody defect major 0.27 java
#123 REGISTER-JAVA-EXCEPTION failing nobody defect major java
#124 Failure to be an SBCL build host Mark Evenson defect major 0.27 other
#125 Qi loading issues nobody defect major libraries
#127 SLIME fails to EXTENSION:QUIT Mark Evenson defect minor 1.3.0 interpreter
#128 ABCL command line processing should terminate with '--' Mark Evenson defect minor 0.25 java
#129 ql:JAN2011:montezuma produces a stack inconsistency ehuelsmann defect major 0.25 compiler
#130 SLIME under Windows has "extra" CRLF Mark Evenson defect minor 1.1.0 other
#131 LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION with svn information breaks SLIME. Mark Evenson defect minor 0.27 java
#135 ql:FEB2011:bordeaux-threads BORDEAUX-THREADS does not work Mark Evenson defect major 0.26 libraries
#141 Fix the SETF expander to work with APPLY for arbitrary function somebody defect major 0.26 other
#142 Problem compiing LOGAND ehuelsmann defect major 0.26 compiler
#143 CLOSURE-HTML 20101006-git fails to compile Mark Evenson defect major 1.0.1 compiler
#144 Compiler generates incorrect bytecode ehuelsmann defect major 0.26 compiler
#146 MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAMES somebody defect minor 0.26 other
#147 *PRINT-CASE* setting affects compiler ehuelsmann defect critical 0.26 compiler
#148 READTABLE-CASE :invert does not invert uninterned symbols somebody defect major 0.26 other
#150 MAKE-PATHNAME ignores version in :DEFAULTS Mark Evenson defect minor 0.26 java
#151 LOAD fails for whitespace in JAR-PATHNAME Mark Evenson defect major other
#152 ql:closer-mop doesn't work Evenson Not Org defect major 1.2.0 CLOS
#154 COMPILE-FILE-2 ansi compiled fails ehuelsmann defect blocker 0.26 compiler
#156 Readtime macro compiler error ehuelsmann defect blocker 0.26 compiler
#157 0.26 ansi-test regressions nobody defect minor 0.27 libraries
#158 Printing "#<abc>" fails when *PRINT-READABLY* non-NIL nobody defect major 0.27 libraries
#159 COMPILE-FILE-16 and -17 failing for the wrong reason Mark Evenson defect minor 1.1.0 java
#160 Printing objects with "#<" in their readable representation fail to print readably somebody defect major 0.27 CLOS
#161 Port NAMED-READTABLES nobody defect minor unscheduled libraries
#162 Compilation of incorrect SETQ form leads to broken class file ehuelsmann defect major 0.27 compiler
#163 Local function bindings should shadow global environment ehuelsmann defect critical compiler
#164 Cannot quit SLIME REPL somebody defect minor unscheduled other
#165 pprint-logical-block fails for format with list directive somebody defect critical 1.8.0 other
#168 Compilation fails for quicklisp let-plus ehuelsmann defect major 1.1.0 compiler
#171 Support for circular forms breaks Ironclad compilation ehuelsmann defect major 1.0 compiler
#172 DOCUMENTATION does not work for generic functions ehuelsmann defect minor 1.1.0 interpreter
#173 Cannot initialize ABCL within .ear Mark Evenson defect blocker 1.1.0 interpreter
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